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If you want to read about the different features our forum offers, or encounter technical difficulties in using them, you can check our "Tutorial For Users" thread. We have compiled everything our new users might find useful to enjoy posting on Hallyu+ at its fullest.


Yes, you can ask moderators to ban your account at any time ("self-ban") in this thread or via PM to our moderators. You can request a temporary ban or a permanent one:

  • A temporary ban allows you to be banned for a set amount of hours or days. If you want a temporary ban, please specify the duration of the ban in your request.
  • A permanent ban is set for an indefinite amount of time. If you request a permanent ban, you will need to contact us (see list of methods below) to be allowed to use your account again.

You can contact us at anytime by tweeting us (@hallyuplus) or asking a friend to inform us on your behalf.

We don't allow users to create a second account. If you wish to return to Hallyu+, you will have to return to your original account.

We don't delete accounts. If you don't want to use your account anymore, you need to request for a permanent ban.


In our goal to continue to grow into a larger and better community, we are sure there will be features that you would like to see added to Hallyu+. Please use this thread to leave any suggestions you might have for the team to implement. Any suggestions or feedback left will be looked over by our staff team for further review on whether it will be possible to add.


Please remember that any change made to your account must respect Hallyu+'s rules. If you encounter any technical difficulty while customizing your account, you can contact moderators here.

You can change your username every 30 days. To get a new username, go to "Your account -> Account details -> User name".

It is possible for you to change your member title (the text under your DP and username). To change your member title, go to "Your account -> Account details -> Custom title".

Breaking signature rules includes:

  • Having more than 2 images by way of cheating (this does not include collages).
  • Images that exceed the size limit of 900 x 400 (this does not include combined images).
  • Having more than 2 lines
  • Includes any embedded video or audio

See the Rulebook for more information.


You can add up to 20 pictures in each post.

You can add up to 5 videos in each post.

For your OP graphics to be adapted to our forum's width, we recommend them to be at least 1000px large.


To get your first badge, you need to reach 25 posts on the forum. To learn about our badge system and the post count associated to each new badge, please refer to this post.

Badges have to be requested in our Awards Request thread. Please use the form provided in the OP of the thread.

Trophies and Points

On Hallyu+, trophies can be awarded to you, to thank you for your activity and your commitment to the forum. If you want to earn trophies, points and awesome perks (uniques badges, signature extensions, stamps, vouchers...) please read this thread for more information.

Referal System

To use the referral system, go to "Your Account -> Your referrals"

The simplest way to invite your friend is copying the link below and giving it to them directly:

You can also send invitations via email and creating other links by clicking on "invite friends".

Each referral will earn you 100 trophy points after the user reaches 5 posts.


It is possible for you to request 1 or 2 warning points to be removed from your account during "amnesty events". They will be held once in a while at admins' discretion. Amnesty events will be announced on our main page and on our social media accounts for you not to miss them, and details will be given for you to send your request.


If you need assistance, have requests or wish to ask questions to our staff, you can contact them in their respective "Ask A Team Member" threads:

You can also contact any staff member via PM if you don't wish to share your questions publicly.

Content Removal Requests

In order to keep an available collection of information and resources, users cannot request removal of a thread they created if it is an official group/artist thread, music video thread, teaser thread, photoshoot thread, news thread, netizen translation thread, etc... at moderator discretion. Threads found to be false news/gossip, or closed by moderator intervention will still be removed. If you do not wish to keep the OP of any such thread you may always request the OP to be transferred over to another user. The maximum removal request amount is 10 posts/threads per user per 24 hour time period. No exceptions. To request removal the user will need to provide links to the posts/threads being requested for removal in either the Ask a Staff thread or via PM to any moderator.

2nd Chance Account and Probation:

If at any time you receive 10 warning points, your account will be banned. However, you are allowed the opportunity to make one 2nd chance account. Users that have had their first account banned for truly egregious offenses (to be determined at the moderating team's discretion) will not be afforded the opportunity to create a second chance account. Upon being banned, all awards, points, etc will be forfeit. Under no circumstances will any of the above listed items be transferred to the 2nd chance account. All 2nd chance accounts will automatically begin with 5 warning points. All broken rules will receive the normal punishments as per the rule manual. If at anytime the 2nd chance account receives 10 warning points, the user will receive a permanent IP ban.

Linking to Illegal Downloads & Unlicensed Streaming Sites

We know everyone likes to share, and we have no control over what you choose to share with one another in private, but please do not link to illegal downloads or unlicensed streaming sites on the Hallyu+ public forum. It is technically illegal and is not in the best interest of the site. If you link to illegal content it will be removed by a moderator. Repeated failure to heed this rule by a user may result in an account suspension of which the duration shall be decided at the moderator's discretion. If you see any posts linking to this type of content please do report it, so a moderator may take action to address it.

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