Rules & Warning Manual

The following text represents the Rule Book and Warning Manual from Hallyu+. It is every user's responsibility to thoroughly read through and understand this manual. Claiming to have not been aware of a rule will not protect from any recourse.

Moderators will be using this as a set of guidelines along with their own judgment to assess the severity and degree of warnings.

Please note that the punishment may be more severe if they feel the circumstance is necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, increasing warning points, adding suspensions and bans, and skipping earlier "levels" opting for more severe punishments.

By creating an account and posting on the forum, you are acknowledging you have read through Hallyu+'s rules and terms. Hallyu+ reserves the right of changing the rule book shall a need occur.

Hallyu+ reserves the right to deny users possession of any account within the website if the staff feels that the account in question could be used for any bad intentions, including, but not limited to, posting any content or links that could lead to legal issues for the site, defamation, harming users privacy and well-being as well as general harm in any way or form towards the community and its users.

Please note that the following warning points do not expire. Warning points may be removed during an amnesty event hosted by an administrator at their discretion.


You can appeal a warning if you felt it was given unjustly. You have 7 days from the day of the warning to make your appeal.

To file an appeal please fill out the following form and PM it to the moderator involved, and our admin Kakarotto and Community Manager sm+maid. Please send this all within one PM.


An appeal does not guarantee a reversal of punishment received. Both the user and moderator involved will be given a chance to explain and defend their actions/reasonings during this process. After this, a decision will be made after a brief deliberation. All decisions made from the appeal process are final and cannot be appealed again.

The appeal process is not a place to attack the staff of Hallyu+ and may result in automatic denial. If you feel a Moderator or Junior Moderator has abused their power in any way please contact the Admin and Community Manager listed above.

OP Rules

Thread ownership is tied to the OP's activity within the thread. The following rules will be applied at the moderator's discretion.
  • If the OP has not posted on the forum for over 1 month: their rights are removed if another user requests them.
  • If the OP has posted on the forum within the past month:
    • But they have not been active in the thread for a month (i.e. no new post in the thread, no update to the OP), their rights are removed.
    • And if they have updated the thread within the month, the user must PM them. If the OP doesn't answer the PM within one week, a moderator will get involved.
  • Note: Previously banned users will have their OP rights removed for a minimum of 1 month. If no one else has requested the thread after this period, and the user has not earned any warning points, then they may request to receive the thread.
Moderators reserve the right to change the OP of a thread if they feel these rules are not being met.

We know that OPs are human too, and that various circumstances (both online and offline) can affect their ability to maintain threads. For this reason, OPs can appoint "temporary placeholders" to take care of the thread for them.
  • If the OP knows they will be entirely inactive for a period of 3 months maximum (i.e. no posting activity on the forum), they can appoint a "temporary placeholder".
  • The temporary placeholder needs to be someone who is active in the thread (i.e. new posts in the thread or updates the OP) and has agreed to update for the OP. OPs must request for this change in the AAM.
  • When the original OP comes back, the thread will revert back to them upon request. If the original holder fails to request their thread back within 3 months, the "temporary placeholder" can keep the thread.

In the process of claiming OPs, all existing rules of H+ must be abided by. This means that:
  • The OP reserves the right to decide the contents of the first post and the information that is updated in this post. They are not required to change it from another user's request, however are expected to update information where appropriate.
  • Pressuring and/or bullying the OP into changing the first post or original poster will result in a temporary one week ban from the thread, or what's deemed necessary by a moderator. If the user returns to the thread with the same behavior following the temporary ban, a higher form of punishment will be issued at the moderator's discretion.
  • If a user is deemed to have obtained a thread for use in a manner that does not abide by the H+ site rules, the OP may be removed at the discretion of the moderating team.

Trolling/Antagonizing (This Includes Staff) - 5-10 Points + Temporary or Full Suspension

This includes trolling or antagonizing throughout the entire forum. We want to keep up the freedom of speech, but threads or posts meant for trolling, bashing, made to offend other users, etc... will not be tolerated.

Trolling/Antagonizing on the Forum:
1st offense: 5 Points and Suspension (3 days)
2nd offense: Permanently banned

*If someone is using a “troll” account to troll the forum, they will immediately be banned with or without prior warning.

*Trolling in an artist thread may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the thread any time at Moderator’s discretion.

The Hallyu+ staff will not tolerate consistent attacks and personal insults. Please remember that the staff is here for you and to help. They are members just like you, so they are absolutely allowed and encouraged to participate in topics and discuss their own opinions. If you have issues with a particular member of staff and believe he or she is abusing their power, contact an Admin and discuss your complaint. Please cite specific instances (posts, threads, and/or messages) as proof for the Admin to refer to.

Antagonizing Staff:
1st offense: 5 Points and Suspension (3 days)
2nd offense: Permanently Banned

Privacy Violation/Doxxing - 5 points + Content Removal

Hallyu+ respects the privacy of its users and their right to anonymity. Hallyu+ does not share, sell, or trade personal information of a user's account with any third party. Please respect each other's privacy. We encourage users to keep their private information to themselves. The internet can be a nasty place sometimes.

This includes, but is not limited to: intentionally revealing undisclosed (non-publicly made) real names, pictures, locations, schools, family, work, communication methods (including phone number, chatting accounts), private social media accounts, private information, address, etc. Do NOT release any of this private information without prior consent.

If a user has publicly disclosed this information (in the current or in the past; to an account or person), it will be up to that user to request removal of said information.

Privacy Violation (Includes Pictures, Numbers, Addresses, Names, etc):
1st offense: Removal of information, post, and/or thread + 5 Points
2nd offense: Permanently Banned

*Any personal information (ie addresses and phone numbers) shared will result in an immediate ban even if it is the first offense.

Duplicate Accounts - 5 Points - Permanent Ban

Duplicate accounts will by no means be tolerated in Hallyu+. Any duplicate accounts found will be immediately banned, and the user will be issued a warning regarding their duplicate account. The warning will be their last one, and if they are caught with a duplicate account again, the duplicates and the original account will be permanently banned from Hallyu+.

For the case of shared IPs (Family members and friends), PM a Moderator or post in the Ask a Mod thread about this, stating your own and any family members' account names.

*If you do not inform us of this - we will simply ban the accounts as above. No exceptions.

Duplicate Accounts:
1st offense: 5 Warning Points
2nd offense: Permanently ban

Users who create an excessive amount of duplicate accounts will result in an automatic ban to all their accounts (including the original) at Moderator’s discretion.

Tagging Abuse (@-ing)

Abuse of this feature includes but is not limited to:

  • Mass Tagging
  • Spam
  • Abusive Behavior Towards Users

Note: Constantly tagging users to attack them or for general abusive behavior can result in an "Abusive Behavior" warning on top of a "Tagging Abuse" warning at moderator's discretion.

Tagging Abuse
1st offense: Verbal Warning
2nd offense: 1 Warning Point

*Any subsequent time increases warning points given by 1 (3rd Time = 2 Points, 4th = 3 Points, etc)

Wanting Death or Harm To Others - 5 points + Temporary or Full Suspension

We do not condone any death threats, wishes of harm or destruction, statements of hoping others were never born/aborted, or malevolence upon others, including users, staff, and/or celebrities.

Death and Harm Wishes Toward Others
1st offense: 5 Points and Suspension (3 Days)
2nd offense: Permanent ban

This rule is upheld whether the death threat/wishes of harm are serious or non-serious.

Abusive Behavior - 5 points + Temporary or Full Suspension

This includes, but is not limited to, attacks toward other users whether through excessive insults, bullying, discouragement from using the forums, and general abusive behavior. Any thread created to bash users, rant about users, and/or encourage these behaviors will hold the same consequence as abusive behavior.

Abusive Behavior:
1st offense: 5 Points and Suspension (3 days)
2nd offense: Permanently Banned

Offensive Language + Imagery - 5 points + Temporary or Full Suspension

This includes posting offensive content or imagery including, but not limited to:

  • Racism/ Racial Slurs
  • Homophobia
  • Sexual Orientation Insults
  • Discrimination
  • Hate Posts In Relation To Religion, Culture And Lifestyle.
  • Images Meant To Cause Shock Or Distress
  • Offensive Jokes/ Statements

Offensive Language and Imagery:
1st offense: 5 Points With Suspension (3 days)
2nd offense: Permanently Banned

This rule is upheld whether the jokes/ statements are serious or non-serious.

Sexualization of Minors - 5 Points + Temporary or Full Suspension

This includes, but is not limited to making sexual comments or threads in relation to underage people. Hallyu+ defines a person of underage as being less than 18 International age (NOT Korean age). This also includes creating pictures, gifs, videos, fanfictions, or edits that depict or allude to a sexual act being performed on an underage person.

Sexualization of Minors:
1st offense: 5 points with Suspension (3 days)
2nd offense: Permanent ban

*Please note that any threads made with a sexually inappropriate click-bait title (threads that have sexually inappropriate titles involving underage people, but contain harmless content) will garner a "Clickbait Threads and Content" warning.

Clickbait Threads and Content - 2-3 Points + Content Removal + Account Suspensions

Please do not purposefully spread made-up articles, media, or stories; directed towards specific demographics or users with the intent to cause panic and unsettling disorder in public. An example would be to announce the death of a celebrity with no backing rumors, official news, or information; and instead, is one's own practical joke with malintent. The severity of this will be judged by Staff.

This includes thread titles, thread OPs, etc with falsified information to garner views and/or reactions.

*Speculation or rumors (as per normal celebrity gossip) does not fall under this category.

Clickbait Threads and Content:
1st offense: 2 Points and Content Is Removed
2nd offense: 2 Points and Suspension (1 Day)
3rd and 4th offense: 3 Points and Suspension (3 days)

Pornography - 3-5 Points - Immediate Ban

Hallyu+ restricts avatars, signatures, profile photos, and any type of image, video, text or link posted on this site containing/ leading to explicit nudity or sexually visual activity. This is including but not limited to:

  • Anime/Manga/Hentai
  • Art
  • Comics
  • Games
  • Pictures
  • Simulated Sexual Acts
  • Videos
  • Fanfictions/Any Other Form of Written Text

Failure to follow this rule will cause the immediate removal of the explicit picture, post, and/or thread, and the user will be warned. If the behavior continues, the user will be banned. Keep it classy!

Light nudity: + 3 Points
Major nudity: + 5 points
Explicit: Permanently ban* In the case of child pornography an IP ban will be implemented and WILL BE REPORTED TO AUTHORITIES

Gore + Shock Content - 5 Points - Immediate Ban

We do not want the spreading of content found on the deep webb or elsewhere, that is explicitly shocking and traumatizing. This includes, but is not limited to, all visual media (images, videos, etc) of:

  • Guts
  • Mangled Remains
  • Excessive Blood
  • Dead Bodies
  • etc.

All visual media will be removed immediately.

Light Gore (Unrealistic): 5 Points
Explicit Gore (Real Life): Permanently Banned

Spam - Double Posting and Repeating Same Text/ Picture

We want to give users as much freedom as possible but if we feel like this freedom is being abused and users start spamming the forum with double posting and/ or posting the same picture/ text repeatedly in the same or several threads, we will step in and take actions. Please keep some reasonable limits and remember, sometimes less is more.

This will be judged based on a case to case basis and at moderator's discretion. If you are unsure about whether your posting is excessive or within limits, feel free to consult a moderator.

Sanctions can reach from a Verbal Warning to Warning Points and Suspensions, based on severity and repetition.

Spam - Topic Spam - 0-2 Points + Suspension

1st offense: Verbal Warning
2nd offense: 1 point
3rd+ offense: 2 points + Suspension (1 day)

Note: The limit of threads per hour is 6 with at least 10 minutes between them.
Note 2: Editing the content of any new thread to reflect a different release will be considered as an attempt to bypass the 'topic spam' rule and will result in the removal of your thread.

Spam - Tag Spam - 0-2 Points + Suspension

It is considered to be tag spam when a thread contains tags unrelated to the topic of discussion, which are being used to generate thread views or antagonize fandoms/users. If a user chooses to add tags back in after a moderator has removed them from a thread, more severe punishment will follow at moderator's discretion.

1st offense: Verbal Warning + unrelated tags removed from the thread
2nd offense: 1 point
3rd+ offense: 2 points + Suspension (1 day)

Special Characters in Usernames

Due to systems set in place by our Social Media and Events Team, the use of special characters within usernames is prohibited within the first three characters if your name.

The use of emojis is prohibited regardless of where it is placed within a username. If your current username does not fit these requirements, it will need to be changed. In the event, you do not have a username change available please come to the Ask A Moderator thread for assistance.

Allowed Characters:

- Letters a - z, numbers 0 - 9, hyphens, underscores, periods and spaces. A username may also not begin with a space.

Signature Violations

Breaking signature rules includes:

  • Having more than 2 images by way of cheating (this does not include collages).
  • Images that exceed the size limit of 900x400 (this does not include combined images).
  • Having more than 2 lines
  • Includes any embedded video or audio

Breaking Signature Rules:
1st offense: Verbal Warning
2nd offense: 1 Point
3rd offense and every following offense: 2 Points and Suspension (1 Day)

*All forum rules still apply to signatures and a violation of the rules will result in a warning accordingly.

*If a signature is deemed disruptive in any way, it can be changed at Moderator’s discretion and the user will be notified.

Excessive Reporting - 1-10 Points

Users who report threads and members excessively when the thread or member doesn't warrant a report. This also includes purposely reporting the same content multiple times in an attempt to spam reports or from impatience.

Please allow ample time for moderating staff to review the thread in question before submitting a follow-up report. Excessive insults and abusive behavior towards staff members will not be tolerated and can result in an "Antagonizing Staff" warning at moderator's discretion.

Excessive Reporting:
1st offense: Verbal Warning
2nd offense: 1 Point

*Any subsequent time increases warning points given by 1 (3rd Time = 2 Points, 4th = 3 Points, etc)

Creating Threads About A Punishment or Content Removal - 2-3 Points + Account Suspensions

Threads created to discuss any punishment received or content that has been removed will not be allowed. If you have a question about punishment received or content that has been removed, you may PM a Moderator or post in the Ask a Mod thread for clarification.

1st offense: Thread is removed + Verbal Warning (0 Points)
2nd offense: 2 Points + Suspension (1 Day)
3rd offense: 3 points + Suspension (3 Days)

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