1. Astro

    A.C.E Sign to Asian Agent for US Management & Global Strategy

    K-pop boy band A.C.E has signed with creative talent house Asian Agent for global strategy and U.S. management, following in the footsteps of star Asian Agent clients like BLACKPINK and (G)I-DLE. Asian Agent is focused on bringing eastern culture to the west through localized promotion and...
  2. anh

    MV-K A.C.E(에이스) - 도깨비(Favorite Boys) M/V

    :ShockedPar: :ShockedPar: :ShockedPar:
  3. Panda

    TEASER-K A.C.E - Favorite Boys - M/V Teaser #2

  4. Panda

    TEASER-K A.C.E - Favorite Boys - M/V Teaser #1

  5. Aquamaraqua

    COVER-K A.C.E Jun, Chan, Donghun - First Love cover

    Chan snapped with that highnote
  6. Panda

    [TEEN VOGUE] A.C.E. Performed at Oscars 2020 After-Party to Honor Parasite

    https://www.teenvogue.com/story/k-pop-ace-performed-oscars-2020-after-party-to-honor-parasite --------- A whole lot of things went down at Oscars 2020, but one of the biggest surprises of the night came from five-member Korean group A.C.E. after the ceremony was long over. To celebrate...
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