1. kimsguardian

    AILEE (에일리) Official Thread 🍁


    PERF-K [AILEE] Shaking Movement In 홍대 Project 02

    Ailee showing her ex-agency that a music show ban isn't stopping her. Queen.
  3. ScarletRose

    MV-K AILEE 'Room Shaker' Choreography

  4. Chu

    AUDIO-K This album slaps

    i wasn't feeling the title track, not after queen home in 2016 but ailee went hard in the album i didn't expect any less from her :shablob: still trying to choose a fave song afsdhfd, has anyone else?
  5. Y

    Was "Room Shaker" a good choice for Ailee's first comeback in 3 years?

    and by first comeback i mean promoting on music shows, she released a digital single in 2017 but thats it not feeling the rap verse but overall it's a pretty strong song imo? the prechorus + chorus + highnote are selling it soloists like sunmi and chungha became super popular during her...
  6. Flooffy Lights

    [Theqoo] The comeback lineup for early July is so scary. Digimons fest!

    [Theqoo] The comeback lineup for July is so scary “For digital, there would be Ailee, Heize, Ben, Melomance, Psy, Sunmi (July 2nd to 9th). For physical, Baekhyun (July 10th) alone would sell a lot” c: knetsonbaekhyun Just when Baekhyun was about to debut, all the digimons had to come out...
  7. Mari~

    EXO Chen to feature in Ailee's upcoming album track "Love"

    What a lovely surprise ?
  8. ScarletRose

    TEASER-K Ailee 2nd album "butterFLY" - Tracklist

  9. Flooffy Lights

    Seems like Baekhyun will have a lot of competition this July : Ailee, Psy, Daniel, Itzy, Melomance, Gfriend.

    All these digimons decided to comeback in one month. We know Baekhyun will serve the quality but the public is known to ignore quality so pray for and support Baekhyun's CITY LIGHTS on July 10th.
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