1. abra

    INSTAGRAM Mariko-mama introduces her baby daughter to Acchan and Kojiharu

  2. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    I hope to see Izone visits AKB48 before they disband

    Make a special episode in Izone Chu, where they travel to Japan and meet the AKB48 girls. What I really loved the most of PD48, is the interaction between the koreans and japanese trainees. We saw snippets of friendship we never thought were. Please make this happen! Let Minami meet her mom...
  3. abra

    BREAKING NEWS Ex-AKB48 Akimoto Sayaka cast in Hollywood movie "Sniper: Assassin's End"

    Former AKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka will appear in the upcoming movie "Sniper: Assassin's End". Akimoto will be playing a skilled sniper tasked with setting up the main character for the murder of a politician. She features prominently in the promotional poster and the movie's first trailer.
  4. abra

    Watch the most popular AKB, NMB & STU virtual handshakes

    Inspired by a tweet, I decided to list the most popular (liked/RT'd/commented) videos from AKB48's, NMB48's and STU48's recent handshake videos. The videos are meant for fans who aren't able to meet the idols now that Japan is in a state of emergency, and can help you get a feeling of what it's...
  5. abra

    PV AKB48 - 365 Nichi Ni Kamihikouki (at home version)

    "What can AKB48 do now that it's difficult to meet eachother? The members planned, filmed and edited footage of "365 Nichi Ni Kamihikouki" in their homes. We would be happy if we could convey our thoughts." - AKB48 General manager Mukaichi Mion
  6. RunningMan

    Sakura of IZ*ONE: A J-pop idol making waves in K-pop with her determination and hard work

    Lifestyle / Entertainment Sakura of IZ*One: a J-pop idol making waves in K-pop with her determination and hard work Sakura’s love of music began as a child when she used to listen to opera with her mother Her career began in 2011 when she joined J-pop group HKT48. In 2018, she...
  7. Riri

    HKT48 Announces 13th Single "3-2"

    Title of the single is "3-2" and will come out on 22nd of April 2020 with the following lineup: Matsuoka Natsumi, Moriyasu Madoka, Watanabe Akari, Murashige Anna, Tashima Meru, Matsuoka Hana, Tanaka Miku, Toyonaga Aki, Matsumoto Hinata, Motomura Aoi, Mizukami Rimika, Yamashita Emiri, Kojina...
  8. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    A overseas AKB48 unit accused of copying I*ZONE Bloom Iz photoshoot

    Vietnamese Kpop fans and Wizones accuse SGO48, AKB48 vietnamese unit for plagiarizing Bloom Iz photoshoot. Source: YanV
  9. abra

    APPRECIATION AKB's general manager, Mion, dyes her hair for the first time to celebrate her birthday

    Today is Mion's 22nd birthday! She also decided this was the perfect time to try something new, going blonde after being black-haired for her entire life.
  10. abra

    Will AKB48 lose their #1 single of the year streak for the first time in a decade?

    AKB48 has had the best-selling physical single on the Oricon yearly chart for 10 years in a row, keeping their #1 position despite numerous setbacks (scandals, changes in Oricon's counting methods, moving away from their general elections etc). For the last couple of years, people have expected...
  11. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Former PD48 Goto Moe dancing 1000% percent on TikTok

    She looks great nowadays! Can't wait for her solo debut!
  12. abra

    COVER-J Who covered it better?

    Milky's Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss wo Shite Ota Yuuri Shibuya Nagisa Yahagi Moeka Kojima Haruna Personally, Nagisa's is my favourite
  13. Riri

    AKB48's Minegishi Minami opens a Youtube channel

    In order to keep in touch with her fans since she is going to graduate from AKB48 in spring.
  14. Riri

    AKB48's CAFE and SHOP closes definitively

    After 8 years of functioning, 31st of December of 2019 has been the last open day for the CAFE located in Akihabara. Upon closing there were still queues outside the CAFE. Back in November the management had made an announcement stating the closure of the place " as a result of planned...
  15. Riri

    BREAKING NEWS Minegishi Minami announces graduation from AKB48

    Minami is the last 1st gen member to announce graduation. Her graduation concert will be held in Yokohama Arena on 2nd of April 2020. Good luck! You may know her as the girl that shaved her head because she broke the dating ban
  16. abra

    EVENT Momoclo's Kanako and ex-AKB48 Tomochin meet

    A couple days ago, former AKB48 member Itano Tomomi ("Tomochin") guested on the radio show "Momoiro Clover Z's Suzuki Happy Clover". During the program Tomomi was asked about the story behind her joining AKB48 as well as the influences for her solo music, while Kanako explained AKB's influence...
  17. abra

    AKB48's Kashiwagi Yuki (Yukirin) makes graduation announcement

  18. lolkay

    BLOOM*IZ got postponed but that doesnt stop cfans from ordering.

    They reached 49,662 albums now. Bonus (Sakura's cfans reached 17,361 albums):
  19. abra

    BREAKING NEWS AKB48 center Yahagi Moeka announces graduation after less than 2 years in the group

    Today AKB48's Yahagi Moeka announced her graduation on the show Mirai Monster. The 17 year-old, who centers the group's latest single Sustainable, has had a rollercoaster of a ride since joining the group in January of last year. In her first year, while still being a research student, she saw a...
  20. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    For Shitao Miu fans

    Here are the fancams you've been waiting for! :giggle: