1. Danee

    I'm already missing them so much. :(

    Just few days ago they would celebrate their first anniversary. :(
  2. Danee

    ANS Ent denies all accusations of mistreatment their artists

    Previously, 7 out of 8 ANS members requested to formally nullify their contracts with ANS Entertainment. The members claimed that ANS Entertainment failed to provide the group with adequate funding, living expenses, music and dance lessons, etc. However, according to ANS Entertainment, "After...
  3. Danee

    APPRECIATION Lavender haired fairy

  4. Danee

    Would you guess this girl is kickboxer?

    She can lend 38 punches in 30 seconds. :doge: Dont mess with cute girls. :fab: Maybe she should go kick all those people who say queen Lina is fat. :sip: Because queen Lina is just too beautiful for those peasants. :tears:
  5. Danee

    APPRECIATION Dami of ANS completed her transformation from cool back to cute

    Before Now
  6. Danee

    APPRECIATION Bian looking just perfect with blonde bob

  7. Danee

    Rookie gg ANS to hold their first fanmeet in June

    One wouldn't guess their company is as new as themselves. The promotions ANS are getting actually have some sort of direction. Which is really uncommon for nugu groups.
  8. Danee

    APPRECIATION Dalyn of rookie gg ANS shared a bit of her dance cover of Nonstop (Oh My Girl)

    Slide to the next photo to see Please support ANS who showed great potential and versatility. Please support Oh My Girl who just got the deserved hit song and attention (people should have gave it to them since the debut tbh).
  9. Danee

    APPRECIATION I will just leave this here to celebrate born of blond J

  10. Danee

    APPRECIATION [AKP] Rookie idol ANS's Bian stuns netizens with her gorgeous doll-like visuals

    ANS's Bian is gaining attention for her gorgeous doll-like visuals. The rookie idol recently made headlines with the nickname "Mala (Spicy) Version of Shin Ye Eun" due to her beautiful features. Mala is a popular Chinese spicy sauce and has been trending in Korea recently. Netizens have...
  11. Danee

    APPRECIATION Appreciation for stylist unnie

    Their outfits and styling is so pretty and cool and for rookie group from new agency they got so many costume sets :wow: Some big companies groups can only dream of such a pretty outfits tbh. 1. White 2. Sparkly blue 3. Black 4. Red and black 5. Sparkly black 6. Stripped grey...
  12. Danee

    The giant star of ANS

    Arent they like the biggest star around? šŸ˜‚ Listen to Say My Name
  13. Danee

    APPRECIATION Bian - the baby wolf, looking unrealistically pretty

  14. Danee

    ANS talks about their group concept, adding new members and more in interview

    Girls about adding new members, group concept and Say My Name goals
  15. Danee

    PERF-K [STAGE MIX] Well... This was smooth

  16. Danee

    PHOTOSHOOT ANS for BNT International

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