1. öøö

    LYRICS [AOA] 에이오에이 - My Way

    에이오에이 (AOA) - My Way Lyrics: 한승훈 (Han Seung-hoon), 용배 (Yongbae of RBW) Composition: 한승훈 (Han Seung-hoon), 박수석 (Park Su-seok), 봉원석 (Bong Wan-seok), Chris Wahle Requested by @Wozumo Translated by Vivi @ 째깍째깍 시계 소리만 (Click click) 반복되는 일상 따분해 (지루해) 하루하루 흘러만 가고 (Uh uh) 이대로는 지칠 것...
  2. doki-doki

    Former AOA member Mina posted a worrying message on instagram

    She was very close with Sulli, fans are very worried about her & I think she may be having a bit of a hard time. Please everyone, leave her positive messages on her instagram.
  3. öøö

    LYRICS [AOA] AOA - 주문을 외워봐 (Magic Spell)

    AOA - 주문을 외워봐 (Magic Spell) Lyrics: 한성호 (Han Seong-ho), 김도훈 (Kim Do-hoon of RBW), 지민 (Jimin of AOA) Composition: Steven Lee, Andreas Stone Johansson, Caroline Gustavsson, Joakim Dalqvist Requested by @Wozumo Translated by Vivi @ 주문을 외워봐 휠릴리 릴리 주문을 외워봐 jumuneul waeweobwa...
  4. kimsguardian

    AOA Main Vocal Seo Yuna (서유나) Official Thread~

    Birthname: Seo Yuna (서유나) Angel Name: Yunaria Stage Name: Yuna Position: Keyboardist, Lead Vocalist Date of Birth: December 30th, 1992 Height: 163 cm Blood type: O FUN FACTS Originally from Busan Played classical piano since 7 years old Has a lot of interest in jazz piano She went to...
  5. Panda

    {Official AOA Badge Voting Thread} - Members badge Suggestions!

    Greetings Elvis, Welcome to AOA's Badge Voting Thread!!!! -Schedule- Keepers & Supporters Phase: November 26th - November 30th [Group, Jimin & Yuna] Suggestion Phase: November 30th - January 7th Pre-Approval: January 7th - January 14th [Hyejeong,Seolhyun & Chanmi] Suggestion Phase: January 7th...
  6. Lurkette

    LYRICS [AOA] チョアヨ! (Joa Yo!)

    AOA - チョアヨ! (Joa Yo!) Lyrics: Brave Brothers, Star Wars, Yuya Suzuki (Japanese) Composition: Brave Brothers, Star Wars Arrangement: Brave Brothers, Star Wars Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Lurkette @ Original Lyrics/Romanization Blue Sky, Summer Breeze I love it AOA...
  7. GreenLeaf

    AOA will make their comeback in November

  8. Sergel

    SALES AOA’s cover of Egotistic has crossed 20,000 hearts on MelOn

    Oh my girl’s Destiny cover will be the next one most likely.

    I have new found faith in AOA!

    If FNC doesn't capitalize on this resurgence and give them a comeback asap, I will lose even more respect for those idiots. And maybe they can do the concepts they WANT to do after all these years. I worry about older girl groups, except Apink of course, but now with AOA I'm less worried. I...
  10. lin_ash

    [kpkf] AOA's job sexualization?

    Flight attendant Auto mechanic Police Lifeguard Lacrosse player - Pann: AOA's job sexualization? 1. [+335, -17] AOA was originally a band concept. The company stripped them and switched to a sexy concept because they didn't become popular. As a result, they gained so many male...
  11. Astro

    [Pannchoa] AOA's popularity soar after their appearance on Queendom

    Video here "AOA's hiddencard?" “This is it!!!!" “ Wow I'm seriously shocked" AOA+female dancers in suits post response: [+761][-40] original post: here 1. [+563, -39] Just like they said, the most popular female idols in male-dominant websites are Seolhyun, Suzy, Irene, etc...
  12. MicrowavedTea

    [KPKF]Whereabouts of Mina, Choa, and Yookyung since leaving AOA

    Whereabouts of Mina, Choa, and Yookyung since leaving AOA Mina - Didn't renew her contract with FNC and left AOA in 2019. She joined O&Ent and is planned to promote as an actress. Choa - Left AOA in 2017. Whereabouts unknown except her Instagram updates thanking her fans for birthday...

    INSTAGRAM Bom and some of the ladies of Queendom showing MNet what's real without "evil editing"

    Queens being queens. Hwasa, Hyejeong, Bom, Minnie, Hyojung and Kei.
  14. Kim Yohan

    Who do you think will win Queendom at the end?

    So episode 1 and 2 are subbed already (if anyone is interested) It's a competition between 6 girl groups: AOA, OH MY GIRL, Mamamoo, Bom (soloist), lovelyz and (g)i-dle Right on the first mission spoiler --> so who do you hope will win? and Who do you think will win? There also might be...
  15. boo

    ♔ Mnet's QUEENDOM Official Thread ♔ [Ep9 Subbed + OP updated!]

    👑 MC: Lee Da Hee & Jang Sung Kyu 👑 RANKING (FROM 1 TO 6) WILL BE BASED ON FOLLOWING 3 CATEGORIES: 1. scores from competition rounds (total of 3 rounds) = 35,000 points 2. scores from comeback album (based on sales) = 15,000 points 3. live comeback performance scores (October 31st) = 50,000...
  16. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Has FNC stopped feeding her?

    This may sound offensive, but Jimin looks like she has anorexia 😥 She's so skinny.....