1. MVSica

    BREAKING NEWS Jimin Leaves AOA

    Breaking: Jimin Leaves AOA Jul 4, 2020 by E. Cha FNC Entertainment has announced that Jimin will be leaving AOA. On July 4, the agency released the following statement: Source (1)
  2. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    I'm considering putting FNC in my worst companies list

    In light of the AOA situation, and previous scandals with CNBLUE and N.Flying, I think the case with Cherry Bullet losing three members in their debut raises my suspicion there were something very wrong going on at FNC. I won't be surprise if there is another revelation of what really happened...
  3. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Do you prefer her with short hair or long hair? #9

    Today's idol: Jimin I prefer her with short hair.
  4. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [AOA] 에이오에이 - My Way

    에이오에이 (AOA) - My Way Lyrics: 한승훈 (Han Seung-hoon), 용배 (Yongbae of RBW) Composition: 한승훈 (Han Seung-hoon), 박수석 (Park Su-seok), 봉원석 (Bong Wan-seok), Chris Wahle Requested by @Wozumo Translated by Vivi @ 째깍째깍 시계 소리만 (Click click) 반복되는 일상 따분해 (지루해) 하루하루 흘러만 가고 (Uh uh) 이대로는 지칠 것...
  5. doki-doki

    Former AOA member Mina posted a worrying message on instagram

    She was very close with Sulli, fans are very worried about her & I think she may be having a bit of a hard time. Please everyone, leave her positive messages on her instagram.
  6. doki-doki

    PERF-K AOA - Come See Me [Inkigayo 2019.12.01]

  7. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [AOA] AOA - 주문을 외워봐 (Magic Spell)

    AOA - 주문을 외워봐 (Magic Spell) Lyrics: 한성호 (Han Seong-ho), 김도훈 (Kim Do-hoon of RBW), 지민 (Jimin of AOA) Composition: Steven Lee, Andreas Stone Johansson, Caroline Gustavsson, Joakim Dalqvist Requested by @Wozumo Translated by Vivi @ 주문을 외워봐 휠릴리 릴리 주문을 외워봐 jumuneul waeweobwa...
  8. kimsguardian

    AOA Main Vocal Seo Yuna (서유나) Official Thread~

    Birthname: Seo Yuna (서유나) Angel Name: Yunaria Stage Name: Yuna Position: Keyboardist, Lead Vocalist Date of Birth: December 30th, 1992 Height: 163 cm Blood type: O FUN FACTS Originally from Busan Played classical piano since 7 years old Has a lot of interest in jazz piano She went to...
  9. Panda

    {Official AOA Badge Voting Thread} - Members badge Suggestions!

    Greetings Elvis, Welcome to AOA's Badge Voting Thread!!!! -Schedule- Keepers & Supporters Phase: November 26th - November 30th [Group, Jimin & Yuna] Suggestion Phase: November 30th - January 7th Pre-Approval: January 7th - January 14th [Hyejeong,Seolhyun & Chanmi] Suggestion Phase: January 7th...
  10. Lurkette

    LYRICS [AOA] チョアヨ! (Joa Yo!)

    AOA - チョアヨ! (Joa Yo!) Lyrics: Brave Brothers, Star Wars, Yuya Suzuki (Japanese) Composition: Brave Brothers, Star Wars Arrangement: Brave Brothers, Star Wars Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Lurkette @ Original Lyrics/Romanization Blue Sky, Summer Breeze I love it AOA...
  11. BlueNose

    AOA will make their comeback in November

  12. BlueNose

    RUMOR Seolhyun posts potential teasers for an AOA comeback #AOA_In_the_Moonlight

  13. Sergel

    SALES AOA’s cover of Egotistic has crossed 20,000 hearts on MelOn

    Oh my girl’s Destiny cover will be the next one most likely.

    I have new found faith in AOA!

    If FNC doesn't capitalize on this resurgence and give them a comeback asap, I will lose even more respect for those idiots. And maybe they can do the concepts they WANT to do after all these years. I worry about older girl groups, except Apink of course, but now with AOA I'm less worried. I...
  15. lin_ash

    [kpkf] AOA's job sexualization?

    Flight attendant Auto mechanic Police Lifeguard Lacrosse player - Pann: AOA's job sexualization? 1. [+335, -17] AOA was originally a band concept. The company stripped them and switched to a sexy concept because they didn't become popular. As a result, they gained so many male...
  16. Astro

    [Pannchoa] AOA's popularity soar after their appearance on Queendom

    Video here "AOA's hiddencard?" “This is it!!!!" “ Wow I'm seriously shocked" AOA+female dancers in suits post response: [+761][-40] original post: here 1. [+563, -39] Just like they said, the most popular female idols in male-dominant websites are Seolhyun, Suzy, Irene, etc...
  17. MicrowavedTea

    [KPKF]Whereabouts of Mina, Choa, and Yookyung since leaving AOA

    Whereabouts of Mina, Choa, and Yookyung since leaving AOA Mina - Didn't renew her contract with FNC and left AOA in 2019. She joined O&Ent and is planned to promote as an actress. Choa - Left AOA in 2017. Whereabouts unknown except her Instagram updates thanking her fans for birthday...