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    PERF-K Kim Namjoo - Bird | Performance Ver.

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    PERF-K Kim NamJoo - Bird | Special Video

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    PERF-K Kim NamJoo - Bird | Suit Dance

  4. Panda

    PERF-K Kim Namjoo - Bird - Dance Practice

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    MV-K Kim Namjoo - Bird

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    TEASER-K Kim Namjoo - [Bird] - M/V Teaser 2

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    TEASER-K Kim Namjoo - [Bird] - Pre-Performance

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    CONCEPT Kim NamJoo - 1st Single Album [Bird] - Album Preview

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    CONCEPT Kim Namjoo - 1st Single Album [Bird] - Track Image

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    CONCEPT Kim Namjoo - 1st Single [Bird]

  11. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Hayoung has officially wrecked ChoBom as my bias

    I'm not gonna state the obvious about her visuals and her vocals cos that's all obvious. Hayoung was my bias wrecker for a loooong time. But when she created a YouTube channel I thought she was gonna do just gaming since she's a gamer but little did I know she, like myself is an avid...