1. roseychu

    The Official ATEEZ Choi Jong-Ho Thread

  2. sexy cutie

    The Official ATEEZ Hongjoong (홍중) Thread

  3. sexy cutie

    MV-K ATEEZ - Answer (Japanese Ver.)

  4. sexy cutie

    CONCEPT ATEEZ JAPAN 1st mini Album 'TREASURE EP.Map To Answer' Concept Photo 'JONG HO + WOO YOUNG'

  5. sm maid

    AUDIO-K Ateez - Action to Answer

    which track is your fave? I love answer, precious and horizon but I think answer is my fave for now
  6. givemeramyun

    Best selling boy group albums of 2019!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!! I've been so busy this holiday that I haven't had any time to be on the forums and make any videos. Anyways, here is the highly requested top boy group albums of 2019 video! Just a side note, I didn't include December sales because they weren't released yet when people...
  7. Aquamaraqua

    Your top 10 idol group titles of 2019?

    To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with kpop idol music this year. Over the years I've had to dwindle down my idol favorites from top 30s to 10s. Regardless, here is my top 10: 10. BVNDIT - Dramatic: EDM drops are hard to stand out from the crowd, but this group has so many different, rich...
  8. Echo

    APPRECIATION Post Idols that look like they jumped out of an Anime!

    I'll start with Nakamoto Yuta himself :hehe: ATEEZ Yeosang :wow: I can't think of female idols pls add on 🥰
  9. perspherspley


    These are the album sales for their most recent albums from the beginning of the year for rookie groups who debuted in 2017~2019, repackage albums aside (I view idols who have less than 2 years of promotions as rookies) Boy groups 83,500 copies – AB6IX (Wanna One’s Lee Daewhi and Park...
  10. Chuuya

    SKZ's Hyunjin and ATEEZ's Jongho gifted Golden Child's Bomin a pair of shoes for his birthday

    So cute :bakacat:
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