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  1. mocha

    Welcome to H+'s 1st Awards Change Season! (+ Schedule)

    The Awards Team would like to officially welcome everyone to Hallyu+'s very first, long awaited Awards Change Season! Some time ago the forum finally turned one year old - which means a lot of our badges turned one years old as well. Which means, it's about time to make some changes! As they...
  2. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] Ask The Awards Team

    Awards Lead mocha Awards Team Mina yerm jindori with*one Welcome + Schedule ≁ Awards Guidelines ≁ Badge Making Tutorial Hosting Guide & OP Approval ≁ Request A Mock Badge ≁ OP Masterlist Awards Pre-Approval ≁ Final Badge Approval
  3. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] OP Masterlist

    Anime & Videogame ≻ Hosted by: mocha × Status: Finished Actors & Actresses ≻ Hosted by: mocha × Status: Ongoing BLACKPINK ≻ Hosted by: heidzee! × Status: Ongoing GFRIEND ≻ Hosted by: Jibang × Status: Finished GOT7 ≻ Hosted by: Bchip × Status: Ongoing ITZY ≻ Hosted by: jindori × Status...
  4. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] Final Badge Approval

    Welcome to the Final Badge Approval thread! Here is where you will submit your badges after you're done with the voting. If you're still not sure how to fill out your form, here are some examples! Once you're done, an Awards Team member will quote your post and either approve or...
  5. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] Awards Pre-Approval

    Welcome to the Awards Pre-Approval Thread! It's a place where OP's will need to post their mocks for pre-approval before they can go to the first round of voting. The mocks must be submitted in the form of IMGUR folders - or for those that can't use it, a suitable alternative. NO COLLAGES! We...
  6. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] Request A Mock Badge

    Welcome to the Request a Mock Badge thread! In this thread you can request for mock badges to be made by the AT, however, users of the forum may also help out! If you'd like to do so, when you are working on a request, please like or quote the request to let us know that you will be working on...
  7. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] Hosting Guide & OP Approval

    You'd like to OP a thread for your fave this Awards Season? Here's a few rules that you should abide by! One user can OP only up to 3 threads at the same time* so choose wisely! Any categories currently in the system are up for grabs to host a voting thread for, except for the Uniques, as well...
  8. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] Awards Guidelines

    General Guidelines No fantaken images. To protect the content creators rights as well as ourselves fantaken images are not allowed to be used as badges. Only HQ pictures. For quality purposes. The higher quality, the better an image will look as a badge. No heavily edited images. The more...
  9. mocha

    [H+ 1st Awards Season] Badge Making Tutorial

    You're ready to learn how to make your own mocks? Welcome, you've come to the right place! In this tutorial we will go through it all - from cropping and getting the corners right to the issue of the coloring. I hope that it will answer all your questions - and if not, feel free to ask further...
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