1. Vampire

    CONCEPT BAEKHYUN - 놀이공원 (Amusement Park)

  2. Panda

    CONCEPT SuperM "Super One" Project - #BAEKHYUN + #MARK + #LUCAS

  3. Panda

    CONCEPT Super One: #BAEKHYUN Says + #MARK Says

  4. Flooffy Lights

    CONCEPT Baekhyun - Garden In The Air (공중정원) | 'Our Beloved BoA' SM Station

  5. Flooffy Lights

    [Knetz] If you don't have a song to listen to, search for "Love Again" on your search box

    1. Baekhyun - Love Again 2. Dua Lipa - Love Again 3. Pentatonix - Love Again Daum: If you don't have a song to listen to, search for "Love Again" on your search box - Number 1 is insane. It's unable to sing it in daily life. - After I listened to Number 1, I keep ~I don't understand~ all...
  6. BlueNose

    EXO BAEKHYUN to make his first solo comeback with title track "Candy" on May 25th

  7. BlueNose

    Exo Baekhyun's 2nd solo album will be released in May
  8. BlueNose

    COVER-K APRIL Chaewon (with Sawori) - Dream (orig. miss A Suzy & EXO Baekhyun)

  9. Flooffy Lights

    Baekhyun's 2nd album is coming and will be different from CITY LIGHTS

    Q. We heard that you will be realizing your solo album soon. But due to the current situation, there will be some changes made to the schedules, it might be a little vague now. Baekhyun: It's definitely different from the Schedules (planned), many Activities will have to be cancelled. However...
  10. Flooffy Lights


    Stay Happy, Stay Cool, Stay Strong
  11. Flooffy Lights

    Pro E-sports Gamers want to play PUBG with Baekhyun (ft. Gen.G and Team Griffin)

    EXO's Baekhyun is receiving invites to play video PUBG with some impressive folks! The star recently reached out to the public during the quarantine season via Twitter with a tweet that reads: "Is there anyone who is good at PUBG?" Baekhyun began receiving love calls from multiple pro...
  12. Flooffy Lights

    Gaho wishes to work with Baekhyun because he loves his voice

  13. Flooffy Lights

    [Nate/Theqoo] Baekhyun signs petition against the Telegram Nth Room

    SIGN THE PETITION PLEASE § PETITION LINK 1 PETITION LINK 2 TUTORIAL LINK Korean articles : [Nate] EXO Baekhyun, ‘Nth Room Case’ petition encouragement... urging punishments to perpetrators [+685] This is a nice influence, isn’t this~! Everyone please sign a petition. [+677] He has...
  14. Flooffy Lights

    SENSITIVE CONTENT BAEKHYUN signs a petition against the sex enslaving group "TELEGRAM Nth ROOM"

    EXO's Baekhyun signs a petition today against the Telegram group Nth Room Men which sexually enslave women (including minor).
  15. lovenatu

    RUMOR SM Producer posts list of unreleased songs on IG for SMNGG, Kai, Baekhyun, NCT & SuperM

    Including NCT - Bounce SMNGG - Mine, No Problems, Siren Baekhyun - Lucky 7, Feel You Up, R U Ridin Kai - Candy Rough SuperM - Wild, Paris, Dance, My Queen
  16. Flooffy Lights

    Koreans react to Baekhyun's OST

    [+522] Baekhyun’s voice is like to be already immersed into the drama. Even when the song was played during the preview of “Dr. Romantic”, I don’t know why I had kind of touching, dim, and mysterious feelings that I like it a lot... Please sing more OSTs in the future. [+401] My heart is...
  17. fullofjoy

    APPRECIATION EXO in crown; cuz they are KINGS!

    Xiumin Suho Chen Baekhyun Lay Kai D.O Sehun Chanyeol EXO Aren't these KINGS cute?:hehe: "This thread was made to enter the "EXO Playlist Contest" game - Click here to participate!"
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