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  1. jana22sal

    BigHit NGG | Official Plus Girls Thread #BHNGG #PGNGG

    This is the official thread for Big Hit’s new girl group, Plus Girls! *still work in progress*
  2. Astro

    [KB] Big Hit To Hold First Concert With All Sublabels—But It Clashes With One Of The Biggest Events Of The Year

    Today, Big Hit Labels announced a new upcoming online and offline concert featuring artists from all of Big Hit Entertainment‘s subsidiary agencies. There’s just one catch: it’s going to clash with one of the biggest events of the year. According to Big Hit Labels’s announcement, the 2021 New...
  3. whisky23

    Big Hit Entertainment files for an IPO

    So, it's it officially going to be the Big 4 now, or is someone going to get kicked out of the Big 3? :catpopcorn:
  4. whisky23

    PLEDIS Entertainment Reported To Have Announced Its Acquisition By Big Hit Entertainment To Agency Artists

    This rumor has been popping up again and again for a while, though I suspect that this time it might actually be happening. Big Hit grabbing Seventeen and Nu'est to add their their BG stable would make them a veritable powerhouse, even after the BTS members start their mandatory military service.
  5. S

    Official Thread for BigHit/SoMu's New Girl Group (2021)

    Hi guys, since we are all bored in quarantine i thought we could make a thread that discusses, sleuths, debate, and prvoides news for the group on the new big hit group. I'll start.
  6. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Big Hit Entertainment 15th Anniversary Artist Group Photo

  7. Aquamaraqua

    Big Hit Acquiring CUBE?

    Here's the original link: I'm surprised no news was written about this on K-Pop fansites. Given that they're planning to sell their shares, and the recent BH commotion, do you think it's possible that the company BH is acquiring with...
  8. Happy

    [NB] Big Hit is looking to acquire another top boy group agency

    Article: Big Hit to acquire another top boy group agency Source: TV Report via Nate 1. [+410, -13] Totally turned their life around with BTS 2. [+287, -14] Bang Shi Hyuk and Girlfriend's CEO have always been close. They originally made Source Music together before Bang PD left to create Big...
  9. le.ah

    CHARTS Companies of K-POP with the most wins in 2019 (so far)

    1. Big Hit (2 artists) - 24 wins 2. JYP (4 artists) & SM (8 artists) - 17 wins 3. PLEDIS (2 artists) - 14 wins 4. MNH (1 artist) - 13 wins 5. Source Music (1 artist) - 12 wins
  10. Happy

    Big Hit & Netmarble are reportedly teaming up for a new Tidal-esque music-streaming platform

    Thanks to BTS, Big Hit Entertainment is experiencing explosive growth and profits, with companies wanting to work with them mainly due to the power BTS currently hold. The company’s newest venture is likely to raise eyebrows and questions as they reportedly want to embark on some kind of...
  11. A

    Big Hit Entertainment announces teen hip-hop competition 'Hit It 7'

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