1. Stan BiSH


    previous Mv (she is going to release 2 more!) her EP Shoudou Ningen Kurabu/Impulsive humans club goes out on April 29th this week her 1st album Zoozoosea was re recorded again and released as Super Zoozoosea Super Zoozoosea is free on her youtube channel
  2. Stan BiSH

    PV Aina The End (BiSH) x Genie High - "Inconvenient Cute"

    stan the husky voice queen :fab:
  3. Riri

    Best Hits Kayousai 2019 announces line-up: all 46G sister groups to be present plus many more

    Held on November 13th from 7pm JST. Don't miss it! Bids are open for which song Keyaki will enlighten us with :jinjudge:
  4. Idol Killer


  5. Riri

    PV BiSH - リズム

  6. niyin

    TEASER-J BiSH 6th single, KiND PEOPLE / Rhythm

    BiSH release a teaser for the new single "KiND PEOPLE / Rhythm" announcing they are going to publish the complete music video on their Youtube Channel as well as let fans pre-order the single on Apple Music and Itunes on Friday 11st October. The single is going to be released on November 6th, 2019.
  7. Riri

    BiSH voting thread // Final Voting Round

    Keepers and Supporters Name Official Seishouin Aina the End Cent Chihiro Chittiii Momoko Gumi Company Hashiyasume Atsuko Lingling Ayuni D Keepers 3 2 2 2 2 Supporters 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Needing 2 keepers and 5 supporters for each badge to be inserted into the system. Rules - No...
  8. Stan BiSH

    PV Ayuni D (BiSH) - NIGHT NIGHT (official video)

    Updated with lyrics previous singles her debut album THUMB SUCKER out in august 28
  9. Stan BiSH

    Ayuni D (BiSH) (PEDRO) - Nekoze Kyousei-Chuu (Official Video)

    her previous single :fab: ayuni d debut album THUMB SUCKER goes out August 28th 2019, digital version already out in itunes
  10. davidguy

    PV HASHiYASUME ATSUKO (BiSH) - à la mode

  11. Sasori

    The Official WACK Thread - BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, and EMPiRE

    *Under Construction* Current MVs BiSH BiS GANG PARADE EMPiRE