1. ghostface

    Magis has it's own wine. Tell me Magistic ain't always winning

    i don't drink but We live in a Magisthicc society
  2. ghostface

    Guess the MV at the E.MUGI thread

    Starts at xx:30 Only people that UPVOTED (no neutral reactions) the OP are allowed to participate It would be even better if y'all voted for E.MUGI but anyway Join Here
  3. ghostface

    Peepo is listening to MUSIC

    he is listening to E.MUGI's upcoming debut album (that can only happen eith your help) He loves everything from the title track Breathe Jamming to Ink and Eyes He HAD to dance to O Magnolia Composed By IU is emotional and beautiful peepo wants to support E.MUGI's debut but it's far from...
  4. ghostface

    Considering to get 25 awards at once!

    Just to Pester miss mocha and the Awardettes and get the 50 awards trophy So who should i get? Here you can promo your Badges that need another keeper cause someone who promised to keep it never showed up
  5. ghostface

    H+ just hit 2k users!

    Let's celebrate by giving me 700 trophy points
  6. ghostface

    Stream Blueming

  7. ghostface

    Half Naked kpop guy

    Now that i got your attention, please come here and vote for team 3 composed of: -Shin Wonho - Min Yoongi - Lee Taemin - Han Seungwoo (Abs guy btw) - Han Sanghyuk you'll be able to vote in a few days
  8. ghostface

    Come here if you don't think.

  9. ghostface

    Once this tall queen debuts it's over for your favs

    she is VERY tall she can wash all the other girls they keep talking, She keeps STOMPING
  10. ghostface

    Can we start using more reaction gifs here in H+?

    Emojis, they are cute girls But cute next to gorgeous, Gorgeous is, y'know, gonna devour cute i think that in the personality department, gifs scored too high for emojis too catch up except this queen :palglam:, she can wash gifs
  11. ghostface

    What's your most used H+ reaction?

    I use the love one a lot it's like i wear my heart on my sleeve any minor courtesy/kindness from someone else and i go: idk i just think the blue thumb up is clapped and only a few are worthy of the laugh blob
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