boogie up

  1. Vivi

    LYRICS [WJSN] 우주소녀 - Boogie Up

    우주소녀 (WJSN) - Boogie Up Lyrics: 달리 (Dalli), 신쿵 (Shinkung), Wonderkid, 엑시 (EXY) Composition: Wonderkid, 신쿵 (Shinkung) Requested by @cassblake Translated by pullava @ 오늘이 맞지 막 두근두근대 기분이 좋아 이 열기 뭐지 막 뜨거뜨거운데 Say nothing Say nothing oneuli matji mak dugeundugeundae gibuni joha...
  2. MVSica

    PERF-K All the Things WJSN and Ujungs Have Been Up To!

    Since that other site has been down I haven't been able to talk about all the great things WJSN and UJUNGS accomplished this comeback! I was gonna write a whole thing with pictures( I still did) but I found two perfect tweets to simplify things. :fab: -Physical album: 45k first week sales, #1...