1. purplegalaxy

    YOUTUBE Name 100 Idol..get everything correct must be Kpop master

    I got all the male idols right, but can't recognize some of the female idols let me know how many you get it right:teehee:
  2. Grape Soda

    McDonald's x BTS introduces their merch the Melting collection
  3. f(x)

    Can you support my Kpop Channel? (online free Kpop concert coming soon)

    Online free Kpop concert coming soon Please subscribe
  4. f(x)

    Song of the Week

    BTS "Butter" - Do you like this graphic?
  5. Katniss

    BTS Grammy perfomance

  6. Astro

    Big Hit Music Comments On The Report That BTS Will Enlist In The Military Together In 2022

    Big Hit Music has made their response to a financial analyst’s prediction that BTS would enlist together in 2022, stating they have no comment. Big Hit Music made their statement to media outlet Tenasia, and stated that they do not have any comment to share about BTS’s military enlistment. We...
  7. Katniss

    It started

    🎶 🎶 🎶
  8. Sunny

    ARMY pls help :>

    I’ve decided to watch pretty much all the early variety/radio show content from BTS. I’ve done pretty well and have watched a ton, but I just can’t seem to find an English Translation for BTS’ on SUNNY’s FM DATE? I’d be so grateful for any help :heartublob:
  9. Katniss

    J-Hope's Ego: 100 million views

    First spotted by @Nara (y) Enjoy this bop:
  10. Katniss

    What's going on with Dynamite?

    Views on the MV are going up very fast the last few days. Does anyone know if this is the result of something (Grammy peformance? it picking up popularity in a specific country) or people are just streaming?
  11. Katniss

    Run BTS 133 JK has been in Seoul for 10 years :D
  12. Katniss

    HAIM hyping up BTS (PLEASE MARRY ME)

    Now, I never heard of HAIM before, but maybe it's time to go outside my Kpop/Metal bubbels for a bit and support these ladies :D
  13. Katniss

    BTS Grammy performance (My Hobi 💕)

  14. Katniss

    BTS Grammy interview

    I like the interviewer; she has good energy :)
  15. Katniss

    BTS’ 10 Top Moments of 2020 That Brought Them to the Grammys
  16. Katniss

    Run BTS 132 A bit late, but... Lots more water falls down :eek:
  17. AstroBaby

    Is RM the next Eli?

    more in thread :tea2:
  18. Katniss

    BTS to appear on cooking show

    I bet Jin will love that :D
  19. Katniss

    BTS (방탄소년단) 'BE-hind Story' Teaser

    I can't with their sweet voices :love:
  20. Katniss

    Coldplay tweeted about BTS performance of 'Fix You'

    Apparently, it's also boosting their own sales :D
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