1. Vanilla Cupcake

    ARTICLES Global Kpop fans idol group consumption ranking

    Global Kpop fans idol group consumption ranking 2021.01.08 Article: Kimoto Translation: Vanilla Cupcake As a Kpop fan, have you ever wondered how much you are willing to spend for your bias? Let’s take a look at the market survey! According to the survey, a Kpop fan is willing to spend up...
  2. Katniss

    Jungkook is a blonde

    😃What do you think? I like it
  3. Katniss

    BTS, Taehyung Happy Birthday Celebrations

    Just posting this here. Probably some of you have already seen it :) I am used to BTS birthday celebrations by now, but this was particularly massive. Taehyung on billboards, buildings, busses and even a sattelite. Also, many charity projects. What a great day
  4. Astro

    CHARTS BTS' 'Life Goes On' Launches as Historic No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100

    BTS' "Life Goes On" soars onto the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart at No. 1. The song is the South Korean septet's third Hot 100 No. 1, all in a span of three months, following "Dynamite" and Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo's "Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)," the latter of which led aided by BTS...
  5. Astro

    BTS collabs with Maple Story, will hopefully remake famous viral video

    BTS revealed recently that they would be collabing with online game Maple Story, which should bring back nostalgia for some and confuse others completely. But yes, it is still a thing and amazingly relevant in Korea, and BTS are presumably going to try and help bring it back to prominence...
  6. MVSica

    The Crazy Reactions to WJSN Yeonjungs Amazing Cover of BTS - Fake Love

    WJSN’S YEONJUNG TRULY CAPTURES HEARTS WITH THIS ‘LOVE’LY COVER INDEED! WJSN’s Yeonjung has revealed her unshakable singing skills and strong stage presence with this rendition, despite being the...
  7. MVSica

    [SOOMPI]Watch: WJSN Yeonjung’s Emotional Reinterpretation Of BTS’s “Fake Love” Blows “Lotto Singer” Audience Away

    Watch: WJSN Yeonjung’s Emotional Reinterpretation Of BTS’s “Fake Love” Blows “Lotto Singer” Audience Away Nov 14, 2020 by E. Cha WJSN’s Yeonjung wowed the crowd with her stunning rendition of BTS’s “Fake Love” on “Lotto Singer”! On the November 14 episode of the MBN music variety show...
  8. MVSica

    PERF-K Yoo Yeonjung(WJSN) - BTS Fake Love live(lotto singer)

  9. Astro

    [KB] Big Hit To Hold First Concert With All Sublabels—But It Clashes With One Of The Biggest Events Of The Year

    Today, Big Hit Labels announced a new upcoming online and offline concert featuring artists from all of Big Hit Entertainment‘s subsidiary agencies. There’s just one catch: it’s going to clash with one of the biggest events of the year. According to Big Hit Labels’s announcement, the 2021 New...
  10. B

    Non-fans opinions: What are your favourite BTS songs?

    Just curious. Let's see your answers!!!:cool:
  11. Katniss

    Are you a company stan?

    I think I'm a RBW stan. Mamamoo is my ult gg. And ONEUS and ONEWE are nice too. I'll probably get into Purple Kiss as well. Even though I love BTS, I'm not a BH stan (This thread is not meant too seriously, but for fun, so no need saying being a company stan is stupid etc).
  12. Astro

    BTS criticized by Chinese media & netizens for award speech, Samsung & FILA remove BTS content

    BTS recently accepted the James A. Van Fleet Award, given out by The Korea Society to ‘figures or organizations that have contributed to the Korea-U.S. relationship.’ While reading through their acceptance speech, it’s unlikely you or I would find much objectionable as it seems relatively...
  13. RunningMan

    [CNN Business] Big Hit IPO makes BTS millionaires and their producer a billionaire

    Original Article Link includes Video
  14. Grape Soda

    MV MAX- Blueberry Eyes (ft. SUGA)

  15. Grape Soda

    COVER-K [APOKI] BTS- Dynamite (DanSong Cover)

  16. Chaebae

    Does your opinions change over time? Pt. 1

    When I first got into BTS, I noticed Taehyung first. Then RM. I always thought that RM was the most attractive, interesting and had the best personality. Now when I watch the dance practices or crack vids of them I think that I was really biased and never gave any other members a chance. I...
  17. sandwich

    drop a Jungkook gif!

    i want to see some kookie gifs! :) :LovePar: i’m also a new stan
  18. yknok

    It appears BTS will take the title of best selling album of 2020 because Adele appears to be releasing her album in 2021

    I was not aware of it, but Adele herself had said there will probably not be a new album of hers on this year, because the Covid is not going to end soon. >Lamenting the technological struggles in...
  19. SageWren

    BTS's MOTS7 First 500k Pure Album Sales in US 2020

    Map of The Soul 7 by BTS has officially sold 500,000 pure copies in the US, becoming the first album released in 2020 to do so. It's crazy that BTS can outsell other groups with just US sales, congrats to the Global Kings💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Source: Chart Data (@twitter)
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