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    PV CHANMINA - 太陽 (Official Music Video)

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    Official ちゃんみな (Chanmina) Thread ♥

    ABOUT Chanmina, real name Otomonai Mina is a Japanese rapper. She was born on October 14th, 1998 in South Korea. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Korean. She is nicknamed "Nerima's Beyonce" As influenced by her mother who was a ballerina, Mina started learning ballet, piano & violin...
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    PERF-J CHANMINA - 美人 (Dance Performance Video)

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    PV CHANMINA - BIJIN Official Music Video -

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    TEASER-J CHANMINA - 美人 BIJIN (Teaser) -

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    PV CHANMINA – Rainy Friday (Official Music Video)

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    PV CHANMINA - Never Grow Up (Acoustic Version) [#StayHome Session]

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    PERF-J CHANMINA - ルーシー LUCY (Studio Session)

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    PERF-J CHANMINA ー note-book (Studio Session)

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    PV CHANMINA - Picky (Official Music Video)

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    PV Chanmina - Voice Memo No. 5 (Official Music Video)

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    TEASER-J Chanmina 「ボイスメモ No. 5」Music Video

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    Chanmina will be a supporting act for Halsey's tour in Tokyo

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    TEASER-J CHANMINA - "note-book" (Teaser)

    2 EPs EP "note-book –Me.-" EP "note-book –u.-" Both available on 2020.2.19
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