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  1. Vampire

    ✽ The Anime & Manga Club! ✽

    ✽ WELCOME TO THE ANIME & MANGA CLUB ✽ The Anime & Manga Club is a club on H+ for—you guessed it—anime and manga fans! Whether your level of involvement is casual or obsessed or somewhere in-between, here you are free to discuss, play games, and participate in a variety of other activities...
  2. MVSica

    The Official STEM Club: H+ Chapter~ #CHOASBACK! #WJSNOUTSOLD #DREAMCATCHERLEGENDS #UMJIQUEEN #ANIMALSCUTE #Happy 1 Year Anniversary! #Happy 400 pages!

    Welcome to the Official STEM Club thread: H+ Chapter Who/what is STEM? Stem is a collection of users from forums that banded together when there was no place to go. A lot of the users are interested in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) or like to learn and discuss new...
  3. Saint Ren

    Musketeers Club - Happy Birthday Yong

    Welcome To The Musketeers Club 2020 2018-2020 Who are the Musketeers: We're a group of friends who just talk about everything and play random games. Can you join: Yes, we love new people How do you join: You need to be active on this thread for a minimum of 3 months and then the...
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