1. Vanilla Cupcake

    ARTICLES Chungha tearfully admitted she has been “living life with the thought she could never rest” The idol’s true mental state is quite worrisome

    Chungha tearfully admitted she has been “living life with the thought she could never rest” The idol’s true mental state is quite worrisome 2020.12.10 Interview, article: Liu Wanxin Translation: Vanilla Cupcake South Korean artist Chungha was recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Since then, she...
  2. Po'etry

    ZEPETO | STAYC 'ASAP' Challenge

    OK, so BLACKPINK got me into ZEPETO. But BLACKPINK is not the only k-pop act to use ZEPETO as a promotional platform. So far N.Flying and SF9 has also made official promotional appearances on ZEPETO. And BTS has a BT21 collection of clothing, accessories, and photo booth poses. This...
  3. MVSica

    IOI member tracker(since2019) + Post IOI Group Analysis (Year 4+)Updating for 2021

    Post IOI Group Analysis (Year 4+)updating 2021 So here in year 4 of the Produce experiment I think we have seen great post IOI success as well as some very sad heart break. Lets talk a little about what happened: IOI (9 Music Show Wins) Album Sales: 10/2016 MISS ME? — 106,439 08/2016 Whatta...
  4. SageWren

    Chungha vs Sunmi: Battle of the Gotta Go's

    Chungha released the SOTY last year titled Gotta Go. Now Sunmi has released the OST of the Year titled Gotta Go. Both are amazing songs with great choreo and a more sexy concept..........Which one do you like more? Or are you like me and you adore both songs? (I'm on mobile and tech challenged...
  5. sexy cutie

    AUDIO-K Paul Kim & Chungha - Loveship (Acoustic)

    i already love this version much more than the original
  6. itzy

    Cute moment between ITZY's Yeji and Chungha

  7. zoo

    CONCEPT Rich Brian X Chungha - THESE NIGHTS (Image Teaser)


    Happy 1st Anniversary to Wow Thing

  9. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [CHUNG HA] 청하 - 우리가 즐거워 (Young In Love)

    청하 (CHUNG HA) - 우리가 즐거워 (Young In Love) Lyrics: 백예린 (Baek Ye-rin) Composition: 백예린 (Baek Ye-rin), 구름(Gureum) Requested by @lyra.early Translated by pullava @ 영화를 보고서 우리 사랑하자 현실은 없어 그냥 우리 둘만 이상한 소릴 해 어차피 이해 못 해 라라라라 라라라라 yeonghwareul bogoseo uri saranghaja hyeonsileun...
  10. Aquamaraqua

    MV-K Best Songs by Female K Soloists of 2019

    And that's that on that.
  11. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [CHUNG HA] 청하 - Chica

    청하 (CHUNG HA) - Chica Lyrics: VINCENZO, Any Masingga, Fuxxy, Anna Timgren Composition: VINCENZO, Any Masingga, Fuxxy, Anna Timgren Requested by @lyra.early Translated by pullava @ 나는 원해 너의 true self 색다른 걸 내게 줄래 시간은 충분해 감춰둔 널 꺼내 naneun weonhae neoe true self saekdareun geol...

    MV-K Wow Thing hits 40 Million Views

    The collab of the century! Still waiting on a special stage! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOOOM!!!
  13. JaeheeJelly

    PERF-K Chungha-Chica [Show Champion 17th July 2019]

  14. JaeheeJelly

    PERF-K Chungha-Snapping MV [performance Ver]

  15. JaeheeJelly

    PERF-K Chungha-Snapping Dance Practice

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