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    [Theqoo] Baekhyun is still the best selling soloist

    Baekhyun’s ‘City Lights’ First-week sales: 380k copies Gaon Monthly (as August 2019): 518,562 copies (550,832 with khino) [Theqoo] Baekhyun's albums was released in July but has sold more than 500k copies - Baekhyun's album has been sold well. His total sales now are amazing as well. I...
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    SALES 'City Lights' by Baekhyun becomes the best selling album in KTown4u

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    [Theqoo] Baekhyun gets more praises for his solo 'UN Village'

    [Theqoo] Baekhyun gets more praises for his solo album - Baekhyun's song is good. I keep thinking about ~UN Village~ - I like Baekhyun's song. - I personally like Baekhyun's b-side tracks more. - Baekhyun's song is freaking good. - I like Baekhyun's song. I was like 'huh?' at first but it...
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    SALES Baekhyun joins the TOP 5 best selling girl groups & boy groups of 2019

    1. bts 2. twice 3. seventeen 4. Baekhyun 5. stray kids - Baekhyun is the only soloist in the top 5. - Twice are the only gg in the top 5. - This ranking count combined sales from all albums released in 2019 (tho Baekhyun only released 1 mini album with 539,452 copies sold.). [Instiz]...
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    [Theqoo] Baekhyun's first solo album is different from other male idols solo but it received good reviews

    Theqoo: Baekhyun released his first solo album with a different genre from other male solo idols but it receives good reviews When the majority of male idols release ballads or dance songs for their solos, Baekhyun releases his solo album with all R&B songs. He did well and every single b-side...
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    LDN noise congratulate Baekhyun on becoming a half-million seller

    They made Ice Queen
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    CHARTS Baekhyun's 'UN Village' enters the Global Viral 50 on Spotify

    i-fans have better taste than k-fans. wbk. If you have taste then stream song of the year :
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    [Naver] BAEKHYUN becomes a half-million seller and is the first soloist to do so in Gaon history

    [Naver] Baekhyun becomes the solo artist with highest monthly physical sales with 'City Lights' on Gaon chart Naver: Baekhyun surpasses 500k albums in July, ranking #1 on Gaon Album Monthly Chart [+259] Baekhyun’s solo is daebak. [+188] Baekhyun’s first solo album is daebak...
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    SALES BAEKHYUN's 'City Lights' is 2nd (once again) in the World Albums chart after Ed Sheeran

    stan talent, stan UN Village :
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    AUDIO-K Funguypiano makes a piano cover of 'UN Village' by Baekhyun

    UN Village : the piano version of Psycho snaps hard : there is betcha too : original song :
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    SALES [Hanteo] BAEKHYUN's 'City Lights' ranks 1st for July Chart with 467,692 album sold

    Those rare moments when talent wins Stan Baekhyun if you don't already
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    SALES Baekhyun becomes the first soloist to sell 450,000 album in Hanteo with 'City Lights'

    Listen to the amazing vocals :
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    [Naver] Baekhyun wins 1st place without appearance for the 3rd time

    [Naver] 190726 Baekhyun won Music Bank with ‘UN Village’ (3rd win) Naver: ‘Music Bank’, Baekhyun won #1 without appearance. 3rd win [+457] Baekhyun-ah, congrats on winning Music Bank for 2 weeks in a row ❤ [+296] Baekhyun and ‘UN Village’ are the best 'ㅅ' Congrats on your 3rd win...
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    [Naver] “Best solo”... Baekhyun is the greatest K-pop solo singer with record-breaking album sales

    [Naver] “Best solo”... Baekhyun is the greatest K-pop solo singer with record-breaking album sales Naver: “Best solo”... Baekhyun is the greatest K-pop solo singer with record-breaking album sales [+584] Words are unnecessary! Baekhyun’s solo has been already daebak even before it was...
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    SALES Baekhyun debuts in the United World Album Chart with 317,000 copies of 'City Lights'

    I love when talent wins
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    [Naver] Baekhyun's 'UN Village' wins 1st place in music shows

    [Naver] Baekhyun won Music Bank with ‘UN Village’ (1st win) Naver: ‘Music Bank’ Baekhyun, ‘UN Village’ won 1st place without attending [+316] Congratulations Baekhyun-ah <3 [+199] Baekhyun-ah, congratulations on your No.1~ [+164] Congratulations our Baekhyun [+143] Baekhyun-ah...
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    [Theqoo] Knets fight for the b-side tracks from Baekhyun's solo album

    [Theqoo] Among b-side tracks from Baekhyun’s album, two songs that have been establishing 2 biggest fandoms OP: ‘Betcha’ is Kenzi’s work. ‘Stay Up’ is ChaCha Malone’s work. The people who took part in the two songs are just huge. At the beginning, ‘Betcha’ was so popular, but ‘Stay Up’...
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    AUDIO-K Baekhyun's 'UN Village' cover by JOUM

    Original :
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    [Naver] Baekhyun praised for his Live singing of 'UN Village' at Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook

    [Naver TV] Baekhyun performs 'UN Village' on Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook Naver TV: Hannam-dong UN Village-♬ Baekhyun - UN Village [+2574] Perfect Baekhyun’s skills… his live is really jjang. I watched his performance and he is just natural with the rhythm all the time. His shoulders… I was...
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    [Theqoo] EXO Baekhyun surpasses 300,000 album sold in the first-week sales for his solo album

    [Theqoo] EXO Baekhyun surpasses 300,000 copies for his solo album - Woah I think he is going to sell 350,000 copies. - He sells so well. Can he surpass 400,000 copies? - Congratulations Baekhyun-ah!! - Truly daebak. - I heard there has been no fansign. - I'm curious about total...
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