1. anh

    MV-K A.C.E(에이스) - 도깨비(Favorite Boys) M/V

    :ShockedPar: :ShockedPar: :ShockedPar:
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  3. MVSica

     WJSN June Comeback Game!!! 300,000+Coins and 1 orb 1st Place Prize! (500,000+coins in prizes, orbs, shop items)

    Lets play! Mark 17 answers and the one most correct will win 300,000 +coins and 1 orb! Top 3 win plus coins! This is mine!(Doesn't count for prizes/just for fun uwu) WJSN COMEBACK IN JUNE! STAN WJSN! Placing Pay outs 1st - 300,000 +coins + 1Orb 2nd - 200,000 +coins 3rd - 100,000...
  4. MVSica

    Secrets, Juseyo!(6) : JJPad Makes a Comeback

    by JJPad (MVSica) 04/17/2020 JJPad here, with the steamiest, hot-hot-hottest Breaking News, Gossip and Rumors of Westoros and now Valyria!!!:sehunehh: Heeellllo there my loyal Sepads!!! I have missed you so, so much! OMG I have an incredible story to tell you and this time it’s all about...
  5. eternal_sonata

    Transgender korean youtuber to debut in KPOP

    She is the first openly transgender in south korea. She look so sweet ! what do you think? She want to debut in KPOP as a solo artist dropping some songs. Not sure how koreans will react ->

    [TheQoo] Knetz are impressed by Kang Daniel's comeback stages settings

    03.24 MNET COMEBACK SHOW A miniature version of the LA theater in the music video. With Kang Daniel brand logo on the wall. 03.26 MNET MCOUNTDOWN Containers piled up with their color code, Kang Daniel brand logo, 2U and Kang Daniel's birthday date. Align containers colors with...

    After 1 year of banning him Mnet will air Kang Daniel comeback show on the 24th

    Mnet will air "Kang Daniel Comeback Show CYAN" simultaneously around the world through Mnet and M2 digital channels at 8 p.m. kst on Monday. Kang Daniel will perform his new album's title track "2U" for the first time. He will perform a total of four songs, including a special version of...
  8. ScarletRose

    TEASER-K AleXa "Do Or Die" Performance Teaser


    Kang Daniel teases a comeback in March

    'Recording completed' Probably March 25, since he always comeback on 25 😅
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  11. Danee

    ANS just came back as OT8 and we already know the ninth girl is on the way!

    At the end 3:33, new girl ariving to make the OT9. Btw listen to the song, dont skip (it a bop). Bian still looks like gang leader (center). Also they already did this with Raon who came to the group as mysterious blondie at the end of Wonderland MV and with Haena+J who arrived in the car at...
  12. Danee

    The best girl group song of 2020 was already performed for the first time

    Or at least one of thd best. 2020 would have to be seriously full of superbops if they pushed this one out of my top10. Expect the official release at 6pm today.
  13. Danee

    CONCEPT ANS Royeon and Bian will make you stare with their concept photos

    (Bian is really pretty. Not sure why they always give here these weird ass lenses)
  14. Danee

    CONCEPT Lina and Dalyn of rookie gg ANS looking stunning in new photo teasers

    Prepare to say their name once they come back later this month.
  15. Danee

    CONCEPT Dami and Raon will make your jaw drop in personal concept photos

  16. Danee

    Rookie girl group ANS revealed their comeback teaser and two new angels

    ANS revealed first concept pic for their January comeback. Are you ready? Since the end of Boom Boom mv we knew new member is coming (same as they teased Raon at the end of Wonderland) but instead of one, we got two girls this time. So ANS is officially ot8. New member J And new member...
  17. anh

    AUDIO-C WayV - Take Over the Moon [2nd Mini Album]

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    PERF-K [Comeback Stage] ONF - Why [191010 M! Countdown]

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