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  1. ARandomFan

    AUDIO-K SEYOUNG - Spaced Out

  2. Aquamaraqua

    MV-K SHIN WONHO - KKI (Disco ver.)

    King broke gender boundaries and saved K-Pop. A win for CandY.
  3. Aquamaraqua

    TEASER-K SHIN WONHO - KKI Valentine's Day Release

  4. Aquamaraqua

    APPRECIATION K-Pop J line Looking Adorable In Winter Gear

    Takuya (Cross Gene) with Kenta (JBJ95) and Yuto of Pentagon They're so cute!
  5. Aquamaraqua

    PHOTOSHOOT Shin Wonho for Fuji TV

    He looks so good~ Full interview:
  6. Aquamaraqua

    PHOTOSHOOT Takuya for My Light Worksheet CF

  7. Aquamaraqua

    MV-C Gao Jialang - Beginning (ex-CROSS GENE)
  8. Aquamaraqua

    Cross Gene's Sangmin & Yongseok Leave Amuse

    5 down, 2 to go! :D Hopefully Shin and Seyoung leave ASAP in 2020 Anyways subscribe to Sangmin's choreography channel!
  9. Aquamaraqua

    MV-K This MV is Genius!

    Today Shin released his MV for Invasion, his final (probably) song before military. Shin is representing his time in Cross Gene. There are references to Amazing Bad Lady (roses), Play With Me (strait jacket), Noona You, Black or White and Touch It. As well as his own solos (Serenade and...
  10. Aquamaraqua

    Merry Crossmas!

    So on the 22nd CandY got: 1 X Hearts album, 1 X Hearts live, 1 Shin MV and CORVUS finally on Spotify :heartublob: Thus Christmas is now officially on the 22nd! Merry Crossmas everybody Stream Invasion, in which Shin disses Amuse and references so many Cross Gene MVs. It's seriously so genius...
  11. Aquamaraqua

    TEASER-K Shin (Cross Gene) - Invasion Picture Teasers

    So excited! This was already released on his special birthday album, but having an official Korean release is an amazing Christmas gift.
  12. Aquamaraqua

    APPRECIATION He is so fluffy!

    Cross Gene's leader and actor, Shin Wonho today on his fanmeet :heartublob: Can you believe he is 28?
  13. Aquamaraqua

    Not to be racist but...

    Flower DPs are superior sorrynotsorry @ARandomFan @bobo @Stinkerbell amirite? uwu Everyone should vote for E.MUGI here as we got the superior DPs and superior group:
  14. ARandomFan

    This Is So Sad!!!!

    The beautiful, wonderful, talented, amazing @Aquamaraqua snaPPED making thIS FANTASTIC GFX AND NO ONE IS APPRECIATING IT! ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! The audacity... it hurts my soul... So... imma need y’all to head over HERE and vote for Team 3: E.MUGI Because. On top of Aquas EPIC gfx, and @bobo and...
  15. Bobo

    Some of y'all 'bout to be real mad at me... But it must be said

    Some of y'all aren't voting for E.MUGI in THIS thread and that is NOT ok, just DON'T be who you are Some of y'all gonna say, Well your lineup is clapped that's not ok, cause each member adds flavor to the team and make it harmonious Some of y'all gonna say, well i don't like you and your...
  16. Bobo

    Half Naked kpop guy

    Now that i got your attention, please come here and vote for team 3 composed of: -Shin Wonho - Min Yoongi - Lee Taemin - Han Seungwoo (Abs guy btw) - Han Sanghyuk you'll be able to vote in a few days
  17. Aquamaraqua


  18. Aquamaraqua

    VOTING PHASE ✕ Official CROSS GENE Badge Voting Thread 2019 ✕

    CROSS GENE ✕✕ Schedule (EDT): Voting: Dec 23rd-Dec 30th Tie Breaker Voting: Dec 31st - Jan 2nd Members: SHIN @boo SEYOUNG SANGMIN YONGSEOK Former Members: TAKUYA CASPER J.G Group Badge:
  19. Aquamaraqua

    APPRECIATION He's So Charismatic

    God Wonho This was from his recent BZZA birthday event~ Shin is a legend. He has that grace, elegance and charisma oozing out of him... support his upcoming webdrama "Who is my future family?" u-u
  20. Aquamaraqua

    Trump is Quaking

    Cross Gene bringing world peace one song at a time Under the comments section of Corvus line distribution heh Stream
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