[Theqoo] Kang Daniel - Movie M/V

    Theqoo (11k views ; 327 comments) - Heol, it's not a title track and it has it's own music video ??????? - How many music videos did you shoot ? ㅠㅠㅠ Really Movie is a masterpiece - Wow, there's 3 music videos for this promotion ? Daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ - Daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He even filmed a music video for the...

    PERF-K Kang Daniel - WHO U ARE spectacular Music Bank performance

    Kang Daniel also won Music Bank from August 14th

    [Theqoo] Kang Daniel got caught talking about his fans to his staff without knowing he was live

    Context : For the promotion of his new mini album MAGENTA Kang Daniel was holding individual video call for lucky Danity (Kang Daniel's fans) around the world. A fan connected to the video call without Daniel knowing it and the video call started in the middle of Daniel talking to his staff...

    [Nate | Ohrenjibuzz] Kang Daniel On 'Omniscient Interfering View'

    "During my most difficult times, [my manager] visited me every day." Original Post credits :

    Kang Daniel tells how his manager saved him during the most difficult time of his life

    Kang Daniel expressed his sincere gratitude to his manager during the latest episode of MBC’s “The Manager"! Kang Daniel and his manager Jung Dong Yoon were guests on the June 6 episode of the popular show, which gives fans an inside view of the singer’s everyday life. Kang Daniel explained...

    [TIKTOK] Kang Daniel participates to #boredinthehouse campaign

    [How To Donate] Participate In Challenge = Donate 1 Lunch Box

    PHOTOSHOOT Kang Daniel for Grazia Korea (May 2020 issue)

    Kang Daniel for Grazia Korea (May 2020 Issue) 2 Covers: Cool & Chic


    “His back dancer is so pretty.” – Netizen Kang Daniel recently made his comeback and gained overwhelming attention for his fashion, choreography, and even his dancers. Kang Daniel, who made his comeback with his first mini-album "CYAN", showcased his songs, “2U” and “Jealous” on...

    [TheQoo] Knetz are impressed by Kang Daniel's comeback stages settings

    03.24 MNET COMEBACK SHOW A miniature version of the LA theater in the music video. With Kang Daniel brand logo on the wall. 03.26 MNET MCOUNTDOWN Containers piled up with their color code, Kang Daniel brand logo, 2U and Kang Daniel's birthday date. Align containers colors with...
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    Credits : https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/giveaway-chance-win-kang-daniel-signed-cd-koreaboos-kangdaniel2u-tiktok-challenge-contest/ To celebrate Kang Daniel new album Koreaboo in a collaboration with Konnect Entertainment is holding a signed CD giveaway. Get a chance to win one of the five...
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    Kang Daniel Discusses New ‘Cyan’ Album, Stress Management And Balancing Life As A K-Pop Star & CEO

    The singer-dance-entrepreneur came to the United States in February of this year, not only to put the finishing touches on Cyan, but to film a reality show that lets viewers watch him experience the joys of everyday life and travel (Hello, Daniel is currently airing on South Korean television)...
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    PERF-K KANG DANIEL doing the Mnet Relay Dance with his friends

    Never thought it would happen one day considering his relation with Mnet, but here is Daniel doing relay dance for 2U with his dancers and friends who have been with him for 8 years the TEAM DANIEL.
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    Kang Daniel perform a bit of his new title song < 2U > on Running Man

    Today Kang Daniel was one of Running Man guest to promote his 1st mini-album < CYAN > as an introduction he performed a bit of his new title song < 2U > that will be released on March 24 at 6PM KST.
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    INSTAGRAM Kang Daniel - Adulthood (dance short clip)

    Kang Daniel 1st mini-album "CYAN" to be released on March 24 at 6 PM KST
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    After 1 year of banning him Mnet will air Kang Daniel comeback show on the 24th

    Mnet will air "Kang Daniel Comeback Show CYAN" simultaneously around the world through Mnet and M2 digital channels at 8 p.m. kst on Monday. Kang Daniel will perform his new album's title track "2U" for the first time. He will perform a total of four songs, including a special version of...
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    [RUNNING MAN] Kang Daniel to guest on next week episode (preview)

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    Kang Daniel teases a comeback in March

    'Recording completed' Probably March 25, since he always comeback on 25 😅
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    INSTAGRAM [Kang Daniel Instagram] 'Antisocial' dance cover

    Kang Daniel danced on "Antisocial" by Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott.
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    [HELLO, DANIEL] Interview

    Kang Daniel is ready to meet viewers with his own reality travel show 'HELLO, DANIEL' filmed in Portland, U.S. on early February with the first episode to air on March 4 on SBS F!L and March 7 on SBS MTV at 7PM KST. "It was a time for me to deeply understand, think and organize my thoughts on...
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    On DANITY 6-months anniversary Konnect Entertainment uploaded "ADULTHOOD" special clip from Kang Daniel made of TOUCHIN' making off and his fanmeeting tour clip / backstage. ADULTHOOD song has been digitally released on November 25, 2019 alongside TOUCHIN' but had not been promoted nor had any...
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