1. roseychu

    Monthly Elite Rankings - Top 10 of July 2019!

    All top 10 users will receive Plus Coins and a shop item of 5K equal or less value. Please comment below as to what you would like! 1. Galaxy 170 2. yerimmie 110 3. OutroTearTheFirst 105 4. EISA 100 5. Riri 90 6. meltrosz 80 sooz 80 8. crystal 75 9. Snake 70 10. Akhuun 50...
  2. roseychu

    EVENT+ Hallyu+'s Emoji Contest! [Closed]

  3. roseychu

    EVENTS TEAM Events + Trophies!

    Introducing....Event Trophies! You already know about trophies and points....but now you can get even more! Join the events team for some fun and get some points and trophies in the process!!! (Only official Events Team games and events will count.) Any of the accomplishments that have been...
  4. Riri

    EVENTS TEAM Events Directory

    Here you can find the links to all guidelines, previous games, and events hosted by the H+ Events Team. Please note that only official events and games by the team are listed here, so user games are not included. If you have any questions or notice if anything is missing, let us know in the Ask...
  5. AKID❀KI

    EVENTS TEAM Ask the Events Team

    The Events Team is a group dedicated to bringing you quality games and events. We want to make each experience fun for you, so if you ever have any questions, concerns, comments, feedback, etc, be sure to leave that all here! Team Leader @Akidoki "The cutest one. Ults jeonghan. Can be...
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