1. purplegalaxy

    YOUTUBE Name 100 Idol..get everything correct must be Kpop master

    I got all the male idols right, but can't recognize some of the female idols let me know how many you get it right:teehee:
  2. Astro

    SENSITIVE CONTENT 19-year-old Du Meizhu accuses Kris Wu of allegedly raping her and 30 other girls, including underage teenagers

    A 19-year-old Chinese girl has accused Kris Wu of allegedly raping her and 30 other girls. Recently, 19-year-old Du Meizhu sat down with 'Wangyi' for an interview in order to reveal details regarding Kris Wu's alleged rape. She claimed that Kris Wu raped her and at least 30 other girls...
  3. f(x)

    Can you support my Kpop Channel? (online free Kpop concert coming soon)

    Online free Kpop concert coming soon Please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/dotasiaent
  4. Vampire

    APPRECIATION Baekhyun Dramatically Singing in the Rain on a Train

    Thank you—that is all.
  5. Vampire

    SALES BAEKHYUN records over 830,000 pre-orders for his new mini album 'Bambi', breaking his own record!

  6. Vampire

    CONCEPT BAEKHYUN 백현 The 3rd Mini Album [Bambi]

  7. Vampire

    CONCEPT BAEKHYUN 백현 The 3rd Mini Album [Bambi]

  8. Vampire

    CONCEPT BAEKHYUN - 놀이공원 (Amusement Park)

  9. Panda

    CONCEPT CHEN - Digital Single [안녕(Hello)]

  10. Mimi

    Appreciating the sun <3

    I would like to appreciate a sun that is full with light @Hecate :LovePar: When tears fell from my eyes, you were there to brush them away. When I was lost in confusion, you were there to say that everything would be okay. *a totally original poem* Thank you for everything I love...
  11. Mimi

    Glider Emojis

    Hello everyone It is I :peepopbirthday: Your fave mascot Long time no see I hope you are all doing well Well...let me get quickly to the main dish :peepopbirthday: The rat camp has made some glider emojis I dont know why they didn't make rat ones so don't ask me :peepopbirthday: So I heard that...
  12. Mimi

    APPRECIATION #kingkai

    Kai solo performance from EXO'luxion This is a performance of Baby Don't Cry Which actually only makes you cry while watching His dancing is like art He tells a story He pours out his soul He has fun and enjoys it Even his little smile at 0.22 is something to note I also love how his hair is...
  13. yerm

    Okay but this is actually my favourite performance by one of my biases

    This might come as a surprise but... it's EXO! They were my first ult group and the group that introduced me to the rest of SM's artists. This performance really stole me because The Beatles are pretty local to me and I'd honestly never heard this song before. I like rock, I like my local...
  14. Flooffy Lights

    CONCEPT Baekhyun - Garden In The Air (공중정원) | 'Our Beloved BoA' SM Station

  15. Flooffy Lights


    [theqoo] STYLING THAT I SEE OFTEN ON IDOLS NOWADAYS.. 1. EXO Baekhyun 2. LOONA Heejin 3. Everglow Yiren 4. Stray Kids Bang Chan 5. Mamamoo Moonbyul 6. Dreamcatcher Sua Is the face chain Last year, Baekhyun wore a face chain in Obsession and it...
  16. Flooffy Lights

    [Knetz] If you don't have a song to listen to, search for "Love Again" on your search box

    1. Baekhyun - Love Again 2. Dua Lipa - Love Again 3. Pentatonix - Love Again Daum: If you don't have a song to listen to, search for "Love Again" on your search box - Number 1 is insane. It's unable to sing it in daily life. - After I listened to Number 1, I keep ~I don't understand~ all...
  17. BlueNose

    EXO BAEKHYUN to make his first solo comeback with title track "Candy" on May 25th

  18. BlueNose

    CONCEPT Raiden X EXO CHANYEOL Single ['Yours' (Feat. LeeHi, CHANGMO)]

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