1. Katniss

    2018 debuted Kpop GGs: who is still holding on?

    After doing one for 2019 and 2020, I now go back to see how many girl groups from 2018 are still active. I was surprised by how many from 2019 were already inactive or disbanded, so I expect lots of sad stories. Still hoping for some successful ones as well :) I put one MV if they still did...
  2. Dragon of the West

    TEASER-K fromis_9 - My Little Society (Highlight Medley)

  3. ghostface

    Happy birthday Fromis_9 Jiwon

    Snatched queen Jiwona grande
  4. lusobr

    PERF-K fromis_9 - Now (Fin.K.L) [Music Bank Oct 10 2019 ep 1000]

  5. _universo

    3rd gen girl groups covering 2nd gen ggs?

    CLC -> 4minute Fromis_9 -> f(x) G(I)-dle ->. 2NE1 Lovelyz -> BEG
  6. perspherspley

    IZ*ONE Yena, introduced her co-members to Itzy

    Yena, introduced Sakura and Eunbi and her members and probably some of the fromis_9 members to Itzy :hehe: Yena being a good Unnie to Itzy :sejeongcry:
  7. pinkpanda_spirit

    best gg from a survival show?

    fromis_9 imo! I love the fact that the viewers of Idol School didn't pick just the pretty girls of the show but the TALENTED visuals. the group has so many good singers and all of them are great dancers. and all the members have amazing chemistry
  8. perspherspley

    SALES [Gaon] Top 5 Best selling Rookie Girl Groups (debuted in 2018-2019) as of July 2019:

    🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 1. IZ*ONE: 517,599 (2 albums) 2. Fromis_9: 139,899 (4 albums) 3. Loona: 100,554 (2 albums) 4. Itzy: 77,109 (1 album) 5. (G)i-dle: 68,654 (2 albums) Source: @ggalbumsales You can check the Sales for the individual Album here. [Gaon] Rookie Girl Groups (debut in 2018/2019) Albums Sales...
  9. perspherspley

    SALES [Gaon] Rookie Girl Groups (debut in 2018/2019) Albums Sales as of July 2019

    Girl Groups Rookies are doing Great! :shablob: :shablob: :shablob: 1. IZ*ONE #HeartIz 2. IZ*ONE #ColorIz 3. ITZY #ItsIcy 4. FROMIS_9 #FunFactory 5. LOONA #++ 6. LOONA #XX 7. FROMIS_9 #From9 8. (G)I-DLE #IMade 9 . (G)I-DLE #IAm 10. FROMIS_9 #ToHeart Source
  10. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [fromis_9] 프로미스나인 - LOVE RUMPUMPUM

    프로미스나인 (fromis_9) - LOVE RUMPUMPUM Lyrics: 백곰 (Baekgom), 백구 (Baeggu) Composition: Anchor, 박기태 (Park Gi-tae), 백곰 (Baekgom), 백구 (Baeggu) Requested by @lyra.early Translated by pullava @ 여기저기 맘이 널 찾아 콩닥콩닥 거리는지 yeogijeogi mami neol chaja kongdakkongdak georineunji My heart...
  11. Qoptyi

    Rain? It's just a state of mind.

    (And excuse to accessorise with an umbrella.) Although fromis_9 may have regretted their shoe choice!
  12. jindori

    2019 SUPER K-POP FESTIVAL in Indonesia - Artist Lineup Announcement

  13. lusobr

    PERF-K fromis_9 - Love Rum Pum Pum [Music Bank July 26th 2019]

  14. lusobr

    PERF-K fromis_9 - Love Rum Pum Pum [Inkigayo July 28th 2019]

  15. mocha

    APPRECIATION fairies are real

    here's the proof: miss nakko never failing to make me cry :somicry: :sejeongcry:
  16. mocha

    APPRECIATION i want her to kick me in the gut

    i want her to wipe me out of existence do not forgive me romsae i am a sinner and i deserve all the punishment that i can get :somicry::somicry:
  17. lusobr

    PERF-K fromis_9 - Love Rum Pum Pum Inkigayo July 21st 2019

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