1. Belrockangel

    [Camplus] {FINISHED} Fashion Emergency | August 30th @ 2pm EST

    Intro Bella has lost some pieces of her dear wardrove, after @Sexy hided them and put other things instead; so now her favorite outfits are imcomplete!! Help Bella to find the correct pieces before @Sexy burn them. How to play *Every piece of clothes is a different part of the wardrove...
  2. ARandomFan

    {DONE}[CAMPLUS] Hunger Games - August 28th @ 12:00 pm CDT

    HOW TO PLAY Just sign up and give the name of your bias. Then when the times comes I'll put all the names into a Hunger Games simulator! (You don't HAVE to be here when the game starts, but It's definitely more fun to see everyone reactions to what has happened lol.) RULES Be nice and follow...
  3. BlessMeAchoo

    [Camplus] Labyrinth of Fire 2 | August 28th @ 8pm BST

    There are no Dragons in the game this time, I just re-used the same gfx because I'm lazy lol Whilst camping you wander into the woods. You stumble across some strange ruins and decide to explore. You have become trapped inside a labyrinth. You wander aimlessly in an attempt to escape from this...
  4. eggmcmuffin

     GAME ENDED: (20th at 11 am edt) MC DONALDS NEEDS YOUR HELP!!

    HI THERE ┏━━━━━━ʕ•㉨•ʔ━━━━━━━┓ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Inroduction。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ After a big fight with the boss of your local McDonalds every employee quits. The manager needs you help!! You and your buddy's (other people playing) get hired. Will you crack under pressure? Will you win...
  5. Bchip

    [FINISHED] Music Station | Starts June 19th @ 9AM EST / 10PM KST

    Hallyu+ anniversary is here! It's time to celebrate with our fellow users through music. Let's create our playlist and party together! How To Play Each round a theme will be given (most of them related to k-pop) and you must submit a song (via PM) within the theme. After that, all players will...
  6. Lurkette

     [FINISHED] Shōwa Scavenger Hunt (6 PM EDT 2020.05.06)

    The other night, I had a dream that I hosted a game that I made up and everything went terribly wrong. This is that game. I really hope it doesn't go terribly wrong. graphics by llamabean The Shōwa Era of Japan was the time of rule of the Shōwa Emperor Hirohito, who was in power from 1929...
  7. BlessMeAchoo

    [FINISHED] Guess the MV in House Targaryen thread in 30 minutes~

    I'll be hosting a guess the MV game in the house Targaryen thread in about 30 minutes. Come and join!~ I will make sure it will end before soozie's game~ I might give out plus coins to the winner!~
  8. BlessMeAchoo

    [FINISHED] Cards Against Kpop @ House Targaryen Thread

    I will be hosting a Cards Against Kpop game in the Targaryen thread. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it's basically just Cards Against Humanity, but a Kpop version. Let me know if you want to join!~ The game will end at least 30 minutes before Astan's game, so if you are playing the...
  9. ZikyungDerp

    [DONE] Guess the K-Pop Idol in the Targaryen House thread at 9:30pm EST tonight!

    Dragonstone will be open to visitors for a friendly game of Guess the K-Pop idol for anyone who wants to join! Our dragons will be in their stable with our dragontamers looking after them in the meantime so you don't have to fear being burned alive...
  10. BlessMeAchoo

    Guess the MV @ House Targaryen Thread @ 3pm EST

    This isn't an official game (it isn't part of the event), but in keeping with the previous Throne Wars I'll be hosting some small games at the Targ thread to keep spirits high!~ Anyone is free to join!~
  11. Belrockangel

    Let's experimental game

    By experimental i'm refering to playing without prizes just for the fun... i want to host a real game like this in the near future (with prizes and everything ) So let's play!!!:shablob: 1.- The picture and the idea aren't mine...i played this today with my sisters, one of them found this on...
  12. moue

    Extraordinary Chu 2020 Greatest Otome [SIGN-UPS] February 26th - 6:00 PM GMT

    Chu is going out for lunch, and wants to take someone with her! But she is a classy girl with standards, so you have to pass her test first! GAMEPLAY There will be 15 rounds, each consisting of questions related to the beautiful and amazing @Chu. The three sets will consist of: Chu's...
  13. fullofjoy

    What game is this & how do you play?

  14. Winter Air

    How many Legend of Zelda games have you played and which one is your favorite?

    I assume most of you are going to say Ocarina of Time :youdontsay:
  15. Vampire

    come and play my game that starts in roughly 40 minutes! :bakacat:
  16. Vampire

    [Finished!] Don't Get Axed | Jan. 22 @ 4PM CST

    STORY: You're driving down a road in the dead of winter when—suddenly!—your car breaks down... You think you see signs of life further into the surrounding woods... Desperate for help, you approach a cabin... SET UP: Every round, RNG picks 4 players to be CABINS. 1 player among these 4 will...
  17. BlessMeAchoo

    [GAME OVER NOW] Guess the MV @ Frostbite Cult (Win Plus Coins!)

    I'll be hosting a guess the MV game at the Frostbite cult soon, come join the fun!~ The winner will get 10k Plus Coins!~ Please note, I'm not running this as an offiical game, it's just for fun so...
  18. BlessMeAchoo

    GAME+ [FINISHED] The Whisper Game, 15th Jan @ 2:30pm EST

    There will be 12 players, who will be split into two teams. To make things fair, the teams will be decided randomly. The first player will be given a word or phrase which they must draw. Then, the second player must guess what the first player drew. The third player must draw whatever word or...
  19. BlessMeAchoo

    GAME+ [Finished] Workshop Whispers, December 14th @ 4:30AM KST

    With the help of the Christmas Guardians, the elves have been assigned to make new gifts for Santa's workshop! There's only one problem, Pitch Black will meddle and ruin everything unless the elves stop him. To prevent his interference the elves have decided to communicate through a chain of...
  20. S

    (Done) Guess these Twice songs and win 50K H+ coins - ends at 230PM EST

    LINK HERE Rules: Each user may only guess once User with most correct guesses wins If there's a tie, whoever sends in first takes the win Pls pm me all ur guesses in 1 single post and then post here once you have done so to confirm. This is for me to know the order of guessers for tie...
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