Which Gfriend member wins this contest?

    The members appeared on Weekly Idol and each performed Oh My Girl Hyojung's Ottoke song. Who do you think was the best? Please vote. If you can't decide you can vote for more than one.
  2. SageWren

    Gfriend's Crossroad Recieves it's Fourth Win❤

    Gfriend placed number 1 on Inkigayo (200216), securing their fourth win for Crossroads and Gfriend's 63rd win overall! Congrats to Gfriend and Buddies😊❤
  3. Jibang

    APPRECIATION Gfriend Yerin - fansign princess

  4. SageWren

    Gfriend's Labyrinth breaks Personal Record of 1st Day Hanteo Sales

    Labyrinth has sold 29,828 copies on Hanteo in the first 24 hours, beating Gfriend's old record of 25,176 sold by Fever. - Gfriend has shown great growth with their album sales within the last year with Fever doubling Time for Us 1st day sales and TfU getting over 90k, it would be awesome if...

    APPRECIATION The warmth of Umji

    "It's cold but here's some warm photos •ᴗ•" The rest under spoiler. Thank you Umji. I'm happy and warm. ❤
  6. duckie

    Eunha singing the Ottoke Song

    she is just so cute, i cant stop replaying this her reaction when she finds out hyojung was listening is precious her laugh is so cute :wow: props to hyojung for making this aegyo song shes a genius and a cutie :heartublob:
  7. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Umji does not like Monica

    Umji's rage is so cute! I watch this on a regular basis. Source
  8. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    APPRECIATION This is Umji

    This is Umji Say hi This is Umji drinking This is Umji not really enjoying the drink This is Umji doing balancing This is Umji amused This is Umji being attacked by dry ice This is Umji counting that mulah This is Umji eating This is Umji being invisible Say goodbye...
  9. givemeramyun

    Best selling girl group albums of 2019!

    Hi guys! Last time I made a video of the best selling girl group songs of 2019. I got a lot of requests after asking me to make one for girl group albums, so here you go! I'm currently taking requests from subscribers, so if there's something you'd like to see made, subscribe and comment down...
  10. lisssie

    APPRECIATION Queens of Masked Singer

    Recently our Yerin went on King of Masked Singer and wowed everyone with her clear and sweet vocals. But did you know she was actually the 5th member of GFriend to go on King of Masked Singer so far??? GFriend's vocals are out of this world and the proof is here: 1. Yerin Yerin the most...
  11. öøö

    LYRICS [GFRIEND] 여자친구 - 좋은 말 할 때 (Smile)

    여자친구 (GFRIEND) - 좋은 말 할 때 (Smile) Lyrics: 노주환 (No Ju-hwan) Composition: 노주환 (No Ju-hwan), 이원종 (Lee Won-jong) Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Vivi @ 좋은 일이 생길 것 같아 hey 세상이 어쩜 이럴 수가 Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes 완벽해 정말 Take it easy joheun ili saenggil geot gata hey...
  12. tseunhadoku

    RUMOR BBC KPOP Documentary suddenly dropped GFRIEND, focuses on Lee Sooman and SuperM + Is this the work of SM mediaplay?

    The previous reported October Kpop documentary from UK News Channel, BBC, has just mysteriously caused issues after supposedly dropping girl group Gfriend from the interview and replaced them with recently debuted boy group, SuperM. Many buddies took to twitter after a description for the...
  13. öøö

    LYRICS [GFRIEND] 여자친구 - Paradise

    여자친구 (GFRIEND) - Paradise Lyrics: 이스란 (Lee Seu-ran) Composition: 정호현 (Jung Ho-hyeon of Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Vivi @ 문득 바라봤던 유리 너머로 비가 맑게 갠 걸 몰랐었나 봐 투명하게 촉촉이 젖어있던 거리로 우산 없이 나서볼까 한 걸음 mundeuk barabwattdeon yuri neomeoro biga malgge gaen geol...
  14. tseunhadoku

    BIGHIT CEO, Bang Shi Hyuk Praises GFRIEND + Talks Future Plans for The Group under the Company

    "About GFriend, they’ve released great content so far. What we’re trying to do is refine and streamline a storyline, a concept, so that when they’re on their next project it would make sense how they arrived at a new style." - Bang Shi Hyuk thoughts? source: