1. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Red Incognito Blackpink Jisoo Profile Cover, Avatar and Signature

    One was an old one I used here the signature and I modifed it so technically not new :o Please enjoy and everyone have a safe and happy rest of the wkend. Avatar Signature Profile Cover @kimsguardian @hatfelt @Nara @Vampire @rosie @Mina @Ackerman @Idol Killer @UMJI MOODS @C C
  2. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Jisoo Signature, Profile Cover and Avatar for 2021 (Best Edits Yet IMO)

    I am working with better blurring and sharpening techinques and transparency. @kimsguardian @Nara @Ackerman @Vampire @ARandomFan @UMJI MOODS Blackpink is the revolution
  3. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Jisoo Blackpink Contrasting Queen of Hearts (Avatar and Signature)

    I was going for a more simple look than what I usually work with. Enjoy! @kimsguardian @Ackerman @Nara @ARandomFan @Vampire @Chococo Avatar Signature
  4. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Lavenza Persona 5 (Set New)

    I've played persona 4 I think in the past the rhythm game and the fighting game but not also have strikers. I would get royal, but I don't have the money for a Playstation 4 ouch. Anyways enjoy and all feedback welcome. @kimsguardian @Ackerman @ARandomFan @Seriously @Nara @Mina @Vampire @Idol...
  5. yerm

    RECRUITMENT Graphics Team Open Recruitment

    Hello again, lovelies! Hallyu+'s GFX team are currently looking for new members who are willing to help with duties related to graphics around the forum. There's no closing deadline for applications so you can apply whenever you like :BoredPar: REQUIREMENTS: Must: Knowing how to work with...
  6. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Red Theme: Going on strong :) Profile Cover, Signature and Avatar

    I decided to go with some more exclusive palette for the entire thing, rather than separate it. Also the cover has KPP and a very awesome Ariana Grande <3 I hope you all like! ^^ @kimsguardian @Mina @Nara @Vampire @Idol Killer @Happy @Ackerman
  7. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Resting Ten-Chan 10 X AMAMIYA SORA CUTENESS (Profile Cover)

    I did this TrySail associated profile cover. It wasn't the exact dimensions, but I think it adds, rather than detracts to me. Enjoy, but not too much ^w^ @kimsguardian @Ackerman @Mina @Nara @Stannie @Idol Killer @ARandomFan @UMJI MOODS @Seriously @eggmcmuffin
  8. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Asakura Momo Avatar and Signature 2021 with updated Editor

    The editor I use Pixlr X recently got a make over and this is what I created from it. Comments and feedback welcome :) @ARandomFan @kimsguardian @Mina @Nara @Vampire @Jibang Signature Avatar Been working on other techniques and melding them these days.
  9. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Babymetal Profile Cover (I finally got the size right LOL)

    I didn't notice it said 1200 x 300 until a few days ago lmao and I have been here since end December 2020 doh..... Anyways. I really love this group. They fuse my two favourite genres so well and are masterful in their craft, outfits and are just genuinely nice and polite girls <3...
  10. I & U (become 1ne)

    GFX Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Avatar, Signature and Profile Cover

    Avatar Signature Profile Cover @kimsguardian @ARandomFan @Polaris_Tae Enjoy them :)
  11. Aquamaraqua

    GFX [Feedback Needed] Minnie Hann Case Design

    So I decided to design my own iPhone 7 Plus (black silicone) phonecase, and this concept is based on Minnie in Hann by (G)I-DLE. Minnie is a Scorpio, and Hann has a motif of a scorpion, so I wanted to include both the constellation and the animal. My issue is that with the animal included, it...
  12. yerm

    RECRUITMENT Graphics Team Recruitment: Accepting Applications until August 1st, midnight GMT

    Hello, lovelies! Hallyu+'s GFX team are currently looking for up to THREE new members who are willing to help with duties related to graphics around the forum. REQUIREMENTS: Must: Knowing how to work with Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Gimp. Strong communication skills and being able to work...
  13. anh

    GFX [OP] JO1 Thread

    day ??? of quarantine: h+ user wonwoo finally opened photoshop again to make smth significant tbh as the one (1) jam in this forum i've been lazy and the thread is dead... BUT i will comb through and update everything later the number is based on their final debut ranking. u can view the full...
  14. fullofjoy


    WELCOME ALL, WELCOME! :peepopbirthday: – She was born in Gwangju, South Korea. – She was studying in a practical music school there and went to an audition introduced to her by an acquaintance. It was on the 1st of June in 2014. – Gyeongwon became a trainee in 2014. – Since Gyeongwon was...
  15. anh


    cause why the fuck not, even though i could've spend time working on a paper due this sunday this is also to compel you to check out their latest comeback
  16. joo

    GFX Loona mock op

    Please zoom in on the memebers profiles for a better look* Loona don’t deserve this they deserve better :viva: rip I’m sorry
  17. joo

    GFX NCT haechan OP

  18. sm maid

    GFX Taeyong mock OP

    I did this just to practice and it was totally inspired by jin's sunmi OP I didn't finish the discography part cause I got lazy halfway through I take constructive criticism btw, I'm an enthusiast just trying to get better :peepopbirthday:
  19. anh

    SHOP miracles of christmas ♡ | pop-up gfx shop [STATUS: CLOSED]

    12/15/19 12:00AM EST
  20. anh

    GFX Cherry Bullet's Chaerin [OP DESIGN]

    i actually made this as a request from a OH user but the forum went down right after i replied to them, so i don't think they ever saw my message. i'll post it here just in case anyone wanna make a thread for her and don't wanna go through trouble of making an OP (will adjust the size since i...
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