1. Aquamaraqua

    APPRECIATION She owns pink hair period

    Queen Minnie
  2. Aquamaraqua

    GFX [Feedback Needed] Minnie Hann Case Design

    So I decided to design my own iPhone 7 Plus (black silicone) phonecase, and this concept is based on Minnie in Hann by (G)I-DLE. Minnie is a Scorpio, and Hann has a motif of a scorpion, so I wanted to include both the constellation and the animal. My issue is that with the animal included, it...
  3. Aquamaraqua

    PERF-K #2YearswithGIDLE Luv U Live

    I love them so much
  4. Aquamaraqua

    Bambam and Minnie's Cute Interaction Today on MCountdown

    This is so wholesome :peepoblanket: (G)OT7 crumbs
  5. Aquamaraqua

    (G)I-DLE Get their 1st Public Broadcast Win Since Debut on Music Bank with “Oh My God”

    And I helped with the prevote so uwu Nevies did THAT. Minnie crying T~T And Yuqi telling her to whistle LOL
  6. Aquamaraqua

    Minnie & Soyeon Explain the "She" Pronouns Used in "Oh My God"

    "Soyeon explains that the imagery represents love in its many forms, a notion made more powerful by the unexpected use of female pronouns. "Oh my god, she took me to the sky," Soyeon cries out on the hook, while she writhes within a mass of bodies cloaked in white and tainted in black ink. "Oh...
  7. Aquamaraqua

    BREAKING NEWS (G)I-DLE Sign to Republic Records for US Debut

    Queens of global domination They're now labelmates with The Weekend, Ariana Grande and other notable acts.
  8. SageWren

    Neverland's recommend me stuff for Gidle's comeback

    I want to watch more musical content of Gidle's to prepare for their comeback, can anyone recommend me some songs to listen to? I've watched their Queendom performances, KDA stuff, and all their titles. I'm kinda unhappy with their bsides though from their previous releases (besides put it...
  9. Aquamaraqua

    [MAFIA WON] I TRUST WW // April 5th 2:30PM EDT

    Prizes: MVP - 100K, Winning Team - 50K, Losing Team - 5K Sign Ups: 1. Kim Yohan 2. Riri 3. Saint Renjun 4. Bchip 5. Chiharu 6. SageWren 7. Greenleaf 8. Panda 9. Akidoki 10. Mocha 11. OutrotheTearFirst 12. Sm Maid Waitlist:
  10. SageWren

    Idol Songs with the most Gaon Digital Points for 2020

    1. Red Velvet' Psycho: +322M 2. Mamamoo's Hip: +233 3. BTS's Boy With Love: +189M 4. BTS's Black Swan: +182M 5. BTS's On: +185M 6. IZ*ONE's Fiesta +117M 7. Bts's Spring Day +111M 8. Twice's Feel Special +89M 9. Exo's Obsession +84M 10. BTS's 00:00 +81M 11. BTS's Idol +79M 12. BTS's Mikrokosmos...
  11. Aquamaraqua

    (G)I-DLE and Monsta X to be taking part in Twitch Event for COVID Relief

  12. Aquamaraqua

    CONCEPT (G)I-DLE Looking Hot for AKIII Classic

    In preparation for their comeback they've had a few activities including an AKIII Classic sponsorship! Entire thread: Also MINNIE Step on me maam I am buying this jacket
  13. Aquamaraqua

    2 of Soyeon's Songs Recognized as Best Song Lyrics of 2019 by Idology Korea

    Queen of lyric writing! The songs were CLC's No and IDLE's Lion
  14. Aquamaraqua

    Pepsi is a Neverland

    Get that PR girls hehe
  15. Aquamaraqua


    So far North American dates have been leaked and ticket pricing for VIPs looks to be around the 150-170 mark
  16. Aquamaraqua

    (G)I-DLE Tour to Have Seattle Stop + Tickets Supposedly Go On Sale Jan 31st

    This was on the Live Nation website before it was deleted. So I'm assuming they're going to go to Korea, Japan, SEA then the west coast first then head onto the East Coast and maybe even Europe. Hoping all Nevies are able to see them! So excited and ready to go broke buying the merch and...
  17. Aquamaraqua

    (G)I-DLE To Perform on Sugar Man

    SLAY GIRLS! Can't wait to see who they perform.
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