1. SageWren

    MAX Changmin's 'Chocolate' Surpasses 50k Album Sales

    Max's first mini album has sold 2,752 copies on it's second day, bringing the total to 50,456 copies sold. It also ranked 3rd on Hanteo's daily album chart, Congrats to Max and Cassies!!! If you haven't listened to the title (Chocolate) yet you should check it out, it has a nice Justin...
  2. sexy cutie

    〚 REMINISCENCE 〛EVERGLOW Sales & Achievements Official Thread

    Press the button you wish to go to ~ under construction ~ Hanteo First Week ― Daily 200203 ― 4,745 200204 ― 2,380 200205 ― 893 200206 ― 1,084 200207 ― 3,802 200208 ― 289 200209 ― 8 Total ― 13,201 Gaon Album Chart Week ― Rank 200202-200208 ― #4 200209-200215 ― #22 200216-200222 ―...
  3. SageWren

    MOTS7 Breaks the Record for First Week Sales

    BTS new album Map of the Soul 7 has recorded 3,378,633 copies sold within the first week of release, 1.24M more than their last album Persona. This is a new record for Hanteo first week sales, BTS beat their own record. Keep in mind this is only korean sales, and there is likely to be a large...
  4. SageWren

    Moonbyul's First Day Sales within the Top 5 for Female Artists

    Moonbyul's first solo album, Dark side of the Moon, has been reported to sell over 59,000 copies on Hanteo!! Mamamoo's highest first day sales as a group is 51k! This puts Moonbyul within the Top 5 First Day Sales for Female Artists on Hanteo! To compare first day sales on Hanteo.... 4) Twice...
  5. SageWren

    Gfriend's Labyrinth breaks Personal Record of 1st Day Hanteo Sales

    Labyrinth has sold 29,828 copies on Hanteo in the first 24 hours, beating Gfriend's old record of 25,176 sold by Fever. - Gfriend has shown great growth with their album sales within the last year with Fever doubling Time for Us 1st day sales and TfU getting over 90k, it would be awesome if...
  6. perspherspley

    SALES HANTEO: 2019 Girlgroup album sales (Final)

    1. Twice #FeelSpecial: 218,904 2. IZ*ONE #HeartIz: 200,977 3. Twice #FancyYou: 196,574 4. Blackpink #KillThisLove: 188,188 5. IU #LovePoem: 173,356 6. Taeyeon #Purpose: 151,079
  7. AshithBangera

    SALES TWICE 'Feel Special' Hanteo 1st week sales

  8. perspherspley


    BLACKPINK is the only Girl Group who made it for the top 30 1st-day sales while only Boy Groups are in the top 30 1st-week sales. 📈 Hanteo Sales
  9. fullofjoy

    SALES After 1 whole month ITZY IT'Z ICY surpasses 60,000 on Hanteo

    They actually surpassed it yesterday! Making it 1 month after it'z release. CONGRATS ITZY!
  10. anh

    SALES [HIT SOUND] Seventeen 세븐틴 General Sales & Achievements Thread #TriplePlatinum

    독 : Fear MV Available Streaming Platforms [/spoiler] StanSeventeen2019 @ OneHallyu | svtcharts @ twitter
  11. IntoTheHappiness

    SALES Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival Sales Thread ♥ [Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3] #UmpahUmpah1stWin

    DAY 2 - UMPAH UMPAH • 20.08.2019 • Feel the rhythm!! Sales & Charts thread to follow the magical and unique trilogy Red Velvet offers us in 2019 with The ReVe Festival! • → DIGITAL - CHARTS DEBUT - - UMPAH UMPAH PEAKS - - MELON DAILY CHART - - GAON CHARTS - → PHYSICAL - HANTEO...
  12. Flooffy Lights

    SALES 'ㅅ' Baekhyun General Sales Thread 'ㅅ' #UNvillage

    'City Lights' on Gaon Album Chart : Album July August Total 2019 CITY LIGHTS 508,321 (+ 31,131 khino ver.) 10,241 (+ 1,139 khino ver.) 550,832 'City Lights' on Hanteo Album chart : Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 1st week Total CITY LIGHTS 267,175...
  13. AshithBangera

    SALES ITZY "IT'Z ICY" 1st week sales on Hanteo

    ITZY sold 32,416 copies of "It'z Icy" in their 1st week on Hanteo. they might get a little boost tomorrow from Tower records since they were topping the charts there
  14. Flooffy Lights

    SALES [Hanteo] BAEKHYUN's 'City Lights' ranks 1st for July Chart with 467,692 album sold

    Those rare moments when talent wins Stan Baekhyun if you don't already
  15. Flooffy Lights

    SALES Baekhyun becomes the first soloist to sell 450,000 album in Hanteo with 'City Lights'

    Listen to the amazing vocals :
  16. AshithBangera

    SALES ITZY "IT'Z ICY" 1st day sales in Hanteo

    100% of the sales are online orders. Album is not yet available in stores
  17. Flooffy Lights

    [Theqoo] EXO Baekhyun surpasses 300,000 album sold in the first-week sales for his solo album

    [Theqoo] EXO Baekhyun surpasses 300,000 copies for his solo album - Woah I think he is going to sell 350,000 copies. - He sells so well. Can he surpass 400,000 copies? - Congratulations Baekhyun-ah!! - Truly daebak. - I heard there has been no fansign. - I'm curious about total...
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