1. LISAdoitbetter

    K-netz stated that She is the next IU

    her voice is just crazy powerful. she is also super beautiful youtu.be/qaDPSm_gnWA
  2. abra

    Unlike you, IU never misses

    It's impossible to follow everything that happens in East Asian entertainment without missing something. That's why you should check out Polaris' and Dragon of the West's latest ICYMI for a primer on the week's news and releases. But do you know who never misses? Kpop's most useful singer. She...
  3. ghostface


    you know songs like that, they are stories that people can identify with. You know what i mean... anybody! Children were singing this song at graduations, at weddings, at funerals i also love the concept and the lyrics we stan a queen
  4. yknok

    KPop Singers who own their own companies?

    Yknok recently found out that KakaoM owns 40% of Edam Entertainment, whose only artist is - Lee Jieun. Which means, the remaining 60% is owned by IU Lee Jieun and @dlwlrma. (Most likely it would be owned by some proxy's name but it would ultimately flow to KPop's Senior Singer.) === Super...
  5. Sweetlight

    COVER-K Huh Chanmi - Eight (IU Cover)

    Please subscribe to Chanmi's channel and support her! :heartublob:
  6. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Do you prefer her with short hair or long hair? #33

    Today's idol: IU Short hair for me
  7. BlueNose

    IU is nominated for Best Actress in 56th Baeksang Arts Awards (drama category).

  8. SageWren

    IU's 'Eight' Ft Suga 3rd Highest 24hrs ULs of all time!

    IU's new single featuring (and co-produced by) BTS's Suga reached 1,347,822 ULs in the first day, becoming the song with the most ULs for 2020 and the 3rd highest for all time. The songs at number 1 and 2 are also both by IU (Bbibbi and Leon ft Myungsoo). Congrats to the digital monsters💜💙💛❤💚...
  9. yknok

    IU vs Song Gain - the fight of 2020

    When 2020 dawned, the the fight of 2020 was expected to be BTS vs Drake, BTS vs Billie Eilish or BTS vs Adele. However, the virus ended all of such fights before they began. With the world under lockdown, trot came back from the grave and trot-balladists like Lim Youngung and Young-tak, plus a...
  10. SageWren

    Only 2 Artists have stayed in Melon's Artist Top 10 for 2020

    IU and BTS are the only artists who have remained in the top 10 of Melon's Artist Chart for 2020 so far. They also spent the entirety of 2019 in the Top 10 as well. Congrats to both digital monsters💜 Source: Kpop Charts (@twitter)
  11. Icy

    PERF-K Nct Doyoung IU " give u my heart" cover

  12. Sweetlight

    COVER-K Huh Chanmi - Give You My Heart (IU Cover) (Crash Landing On You OST)

    Queen of vocals!! Give her her own OST omg
  13. yknok

    IU proved to be more efficient than the Govt during the virus epidemic

    Korea is now deeply in the virus epidemic. It is most severe in the city of Taegu( now spelled Daegu but I prefer the older spelling), which might have led Red Velvet's Irene and BTS' Suga, both from that city (a major transportation hub in southeast Korea), to donate a large sum. The...
  14. sexy cutie

    COVER-K ONEWE - Love Poem (IU) / Make It Right (BTS) / Stay (WE : Medley - COZY Ver.)

  15. sexy cutie

    COVER-K PinkFantasy Yechan - above the time (orig. IU)

  16. yknok

    KPop Concerts in Taiwan 2019 - surprising person at #2

    http://simg.donga.com/ugc/MLBPARK/Board/15/76/83/88/1576838813425.jpg This is the table for the KPop concerts held in Taiwan in the last 12 months. (US$1 = about 300 TWD) 10. GFriend. 4200 people - 17.5 mil TWD ($580,000) $138/person 9. IZone - 4500 people - 20.25 ($672,000) $149/person 8...
  17. yknok

    Difference between BTS and IU - BTS is still tied to Big Hit while IU is her own boss

    Elsewhere, I wrote that the highest earning KPop figure of 2017 (when GDragon and DBSK had their military services) was IU, the only time a female figure reached that spot in the history of KPop. She reached that position thru a bunch of luck ; the highest earning figures were at military and...
  18. Aquamaraqua

    This year is really blue...

    Vincent Blue - It's Raining Park Bom - Re: Blue Rose Ha Sungwoon - Blue Taeyeon - Blue IU - Blueming Astro - Blue Flame Blue.D - Nobody Ashmute - Blue All 2019 releases/debuts. As the resident H+ lover and connoisseur of the color blue, I guess 2019 has been a really blue year. With that...
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