1. Astro

    [AKP] These Are The K-Pop Groups Most Likely To Disband in 2021

    Whether it be due to their contracts expiring or for their lack of popularity both domestically and internationally, these groups could be disbanding in 2021. 1. GOT7 GOT7 debuted in January 2014, and it is speculated that JYP Entertainment will announce if the members of GOT7 will be...
  2. Astro

    Fans talk about why IZ*ONE shouldn't disband

    The project group IZ*ONE is nearing the end of their contract term and will disband in April of 2021. Recently, fans and netizens are discussing the reasons the girl group should not disband. One netizen posted on an online community the number of albums that IZ*ONE was able to sell during...

    Investigation Reveals Just How Manipulated The First 3 Seasons Of 'Produce 101' Were

    SR SR An update to the investigations involving MNET and CJ voter fraud case. The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has decided in their investigation that the Produce 101 series should receive the highest level of punishment possible, and there have also been details released...
  4. RunningMan

    [HANTEO NEWS] Hanteo Chart Officially Certifies IZ*ONE New Initial Chodong Sales Record - Girl Group

    [HANTEO NEWS] Hanteo Chart Officially Certifies IZ*ONE New Initial Chodong Sales Record - Girl Group [EngSub]
  5. RunningMan

    IZ*ONE's Oneiric Diary Debuts at #1 on the Global Album Chart [World Music Awards]

  6. Razgriz

    IZ*One Oneiric now is Best Selling Girlgroup Albums in Hanteo

    Wiz*One is Insane.
  7. AshithBangera

    PERF-K IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - Welcome + 환상동화 (Secret Story of the Swan) Performance Film

  8. AshithBangera

    TEASER-K 청하 (CHUNG HA) - Be Yourself (Teaser)

  9. RunningMan

    Sakura of IZ*ONE: A J-pop idol making waves in K-pop with her determination and hard work

    Lifestyle / Entertainment Sakura of IZ*One: a J-pop idol making waves in K-pop with her determination and hard work Sakura’s love of music began as a child when she used to listen to opera with her mother Her career began in 2011 when she joined J-pop group HKT48. In 2018, she...
  10. SageWren

    Idol Songs with the most Gaon Digital Points for 2020

    1. Red Velvet' Psycho: +322M 2. Mamamoo's Hip: +233 3. BTS's Boy With Love: +189M 4. BTS's Black Swan: +182M 5. BTS's On: +185M 6. IZ*ONE's Fiesta +117M 7. Bts's Spring Day +111M 8. Twice's Feel Special +89M 9. Exo's Obsession +84M 10. BTS's 00:00 +81M 11. BTS's Idol +79M 12. BTS's Mikrokosmos...
  11. perspherspley

    APPRECIATION [IZ*ONE Private Mail]Sakura's message to Eunbi

    Feeling so Emo, right now!
  12. perspherspley

    IZ*ONE needs your help because there is a chance KBS will ban them starting next week.

    Help sign the petition, juseyo! :sanapray: The Link to the petition http://petitions.kbs.co.kr/section/ptt/view.html?petition_sno=1708
  13. SageWren

    What's your favorite IZ*ONE title track?

    With their record breaking full album released today/yesterday IZ*ONE has had 3 korean comebacks, of the 3 which is your favorite and why? 1) La vie en Rose 2) Violeta 3) Fiesta Personally; la vie en rose is still my fave ("ROSE!")
  14. perspherspley

    CONCEPT [NAVER] IZ*ONE BLOOM*IZ Album Making Jacket Photos

  15. perspherspley

    APPRECIATION So I found a gif of Minju looking like Sana

  16. perspherspley

    [knetizen/naver]Netizens were gone mad after the Golden Disc Awards nominated IZ*ONE and X1 but didn’t include them for the judging category

    [34th Golden Disc Awards] BTS wins Digital Daesang for the first time … Most of judges’ votes ‘Boy With Luv’ by BTS was the song chosen to win the Song of the Year Daesang by the expert panel of the 34th Golden Disc Awards, receiving a score of 97.9 out of 100. 25 out of 50 experts chose ‘Boy...
  17. perspherspley

    MV-K KBS Upload IZ*ONE's La Vie En Rose & Violeta [Open Concert].20190421

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