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  1. Stan BiSH

    PV Ayuni D (BiSH) - NIGHT NIGHT (official video)

    Updated with lyrics https://wackisidol.co.uk/night-night-lyrics/ previous singles her debut album THUMB SUCKER out in august 28
  2. Stan BiSH

    Ayuni D (BiSH) (PEDRO) - Nekoze Kyousei-Chuu (Official Video)

    her previous single :fab: ayuni d debut album THUMB SUCKER goes out August 28th 2019, digital version already out in itunes
  3. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL music is back on spotify and apple music! (this time for real)

    finally :sejeongcry: Spotify link Apple music link scandal thread on hallyu+ https://hallyuplus.net/threads/the-official-scandal-thread-the-biggest-female-rock-band-in-japan.1281/
  4. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL the biggest female rock band in japan! New album "Kiss From The Darkness" out!

    update 1: i updated the first page with a index of scandal discography, all their songs, albums etc,etc worth checking for anyone interested in knowing about their music update 2: spotify and apple music links are up! part 1 part 2 part 3 Scandal (Japanese: スキャンダル, Sukyandaru, stylized as...
  5. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL videos are back in youtube + spotify and apple music

    Scandal music and videos were taken down when they changed labels but are back online :sejeongcry: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSNX8VGaawLFG_bAZuMyQ3Q/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0