1. AussieAsian345

    GFX Asakura Momo Avatar and Signature 2021 with updated Editor

    The editor I use Pixlr X recently got a make over and this is what I created from it. Comments and feedback welcome :) @ARandomFan @kimsguardian @Mina @Nara @Vampire @Jibang Signature Avatar Been working on other techniques and melding them these days.
  2. AussieAsian345

    GFX Babymetal Profile Cover (I finally got the size right LOL)

    I didn't notice it said 1200 x 300 until a few days ago lmao and I have been here since end December 2020 doh..... Anyways. I really love this group. They fuse my two favourite genres so well and are masterful in their craft, outfits and are just genuinely nice and polite girls <3...
  3. AussieAsian345

    A quick question about the cat featured on 'pals theme' aka one of the mascots of H+

    Is it the same cat featured in Azumanga Daioh, (anime/manga) The brown striped breed? Or am I just assuming that, since it has stripes or whatnot. The Iriomote cat @ARandomFan @UMJI MOODS @Idol Killer @kimsguardian @Kakarotto Thanks for hearing me out.
  4. Lurkette

    BREAKING NEWS Legendary comedian Shimura Ken passes away at 70 due to COVID-19 complications

    https://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2158503/amp/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social&ref_cd=tw&__twitter_impression=true According to information obtained by the media, he began experiencing symptoms on March 17 and was self-quarantining. Symptoms got more severe and he was admitted to the hospital...
  5. Zweig

    PHOTOSHOOT Yoda Yuki (Nogizaka 46) CM Now nr. 203

  6. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    New survival show to debut a joint boy group between Japan and Korea with PDX, PD Japan, japanese trainees and Kpop members

    Will air on February in Mnet Japan and Tokai TV. They will have Mysta too. “G-EGG” officially launched; a global idol development project that aims to debut a joint boys group between Japan and Korea. G-EGG, a global idol development project that aims to debut as a Japan-Korea joint boys...
  7. fullofjoy

    SALES TWICE has officially passed 8 million total album sales in Korea and Japan. Being the 1st & the GG to do so!

    I'm surprised they surpassed the 8 million mark so quick. It was literally 2 months a go they surpassed 7 million!
  8. Vampire

    Demon Slayer, Weathering With You Songs Top 2019 Anisong Downloads

    Music download website Mora announced the most downloaded anime theme songs of the year. Leading the pack is the unstoppable "Gurenge" (Red Lotus) by LiSA. The song was certified platinum by the Japan Record Association on September 22. The opener was the second most downloaded summer anime...
  9. Vampire

    Universal Studios Japan Unveils Visual for 'Super Nintendo World' Area

    The Universal Studios Japan theme park in Osaka unveiled a new visual for the park's planned "Super Nintendo World" area on Thursday. The area will open in spring 2020. The area was previously slated to open in time for the Tokyo Olympics next summer. The first phase of the area will open...
  10. AshithBangera

    According to analysts from Yuanta Securities TWICE will hold a Japanese Dome tour & ITZY and Stray Kids will make Japanese debut in 2020

  11. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Z-Girls japanese member Mahiro returns to the group after 5 months hiatus

    Z-Boys and Z-Girls begins their promotion in Thailand. Z-Boys, Z-Girls is departing on November 17th at Incheon airport for their Thailand promotion schedule. They will make an appearance at hot variety program ‘HaChao Mao Yai’, famous program ‘‘Khaosod News’ Live on Facebook, ‘PPTV Pop News’...
  12. Vampire

    Anime-Related Concerts, Voice Actor Events Earned 20 Billion Yen in 2018

    The Pia Sōken live entertainment research company revealed on September 12 that revenue from anime-related live music concerts and voice actor events from January to December 2018 grew to an estimated 20 billion yen (about US$185 million), a 10.5% growth from 2017's total revenue of 18.1 billion...
  13. Vampire

    Ikebukuro's Halloween Cosplay Festival Returns for Plenty of Scares and Fantasy

    The Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival will take over the streets of Tokyo again this year on October 26-27. The festival will return with cosplay fashion shows, cosplay stage performances, and a parade along with some new entertainment. Anisong DJs will keep the scene rocking, tea parties...
  14. Vampire

    Vampire Knight Manga Creator Gets 25th Career Anniversary Exhibition

    Vampire Knight manga creator Matsuri Hino will take center stage at an exhibition celebrating 25 years since her manga debut. The exhibition will open on November 9 and run until November 17 at the Seibu Gallery on the 2nd floor of the Seibu Ikebukuro department store. The exhibition will cover...
  15. Cat Ears

    Post a favorite J-Pop instrumental

    I love this one the production quality is amazing and it has that surreal sound. I love the flute sound during the chorus and the bridge
  16. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Produce 101 Japan twitter updates

  17. whisky23

    [KPOPMAP] Netizens Criticize JYP Entertainment’s Nizi Project Amidst Heightened Political Tension

    Sigh... I guess it's OK for BTS and Twice to promote and earn Yen in Japan, but god forbid anyone trying to do anything that would seem like a fair exchange of business opportunities. Knets have already accused JYP of being yet-another-Japanese sympathizer early in the year, but due to current...
  18. sexy cutie

    CONCEPT BLACKPINK - Kill This Love (Japan Ver.) (Group Teaser Image)

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