1. Egoísta

    Official Vocaloid Thread! ~OP under construction~

    This is a thread for updates on everything Vocaloid from games, concert figmas and racing events What is Vocaloid? Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer and software that enables users to synthesize "singing" by typing in lyrics and melody. It uses synthesizing technology with specially...
  2. AKID❀KI

    What do you look for to stan a group?

    Regardless of kpop, jpop or cpop, for me to stan a group i look at the music, variety sense and choreo. I love a beautiful choreo. It was one of the reasons i became interested in kpop so for me to stan a group, the choreo needs to be amazing and i love sync too. Also songs need to be like not...
  3. Happy

    What is your favorite song right now?

  4. meltrosz

    AUDIO-K IZ*ONE 'Vampire' is now on Spotify!

  5. Vampire

    you're WEAK if haven't listened to utapri!

    but you can become STRONGER by listening to them now! joking aside, i started bingeing their songs again since it's been awhile. sometimes they just fulfill something for me that kpop cannot. so here's a few of my favorites! :shablob:
  6. Cat Ears

    Post a favorite J-Pop instrumental

    I love this one the production quality is amazing and it has that surreal sound. I love the flute sound during the chorus and the bridge
  7. Yuki

    PV Emiko Suzuki - Soul Full of Music (Short Ver.)

  8. Yuki

    PERF-J Perfume「HurlyBurly」from LIVE Blu-ray/DVD

    edit: they deleted it so here is another link
  9. Yuki

    PV Yuki Moeko - Sayonara Watashi no Seishun

    She will make her major label debut with the single “innocent moon” on August 28. The single will contain four songs, all of which will feature lyrics and composition by Kawatani Enon. Sayonara Watashi no Seishun was also arranged by Kanno Yoko.
  10. Mandilinn

    CONCEPT Dream Ami 「恋のつぼみ」Promotional Photos

    Digital single out September 17th!
  11. Reverie

    AUDIO-J MiChi's Albums on Spotify

    MiChi (real name: Michiko Sellars) is a Japanese British singer. Three of her albums are now on Spotify and Youtube. Up to You (2009) Therapy (2012) Eyes Wide Open (2013)
  12. Flooffy Lights

    [Theqoo] Baekhyun covers BoA's Japanese song 'Am I Okay Like This?'

    from CBX last concert in japan : [Theqoo] Baekhyun covers BoA's Japanese song 'Am I Okay Like This?' at a concert - Woah I like this song and Baekhyun suits the song too. - I'm BoA's fan. I listened to the song without expecting much. But I was surprised at the first listen because he...
  13. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    KPOP idols do too complex dancing it hurts their live singing?

    Maybe they do exhausting choreography it compromise their ability to sing live? I've been watching some J-POP idols singing live and they seem much stable than KPOP. Like Johnny's and AKB48 groups. Granted they don't dance too much though.
  14. Mandilinn

    PV Happiness drops the MV for the catchiest song of the summer, "Chao Chao"

    Promo photos, single covers, and tracklists here:
  15. Mandilinn

    CONCEPT Happiness are beautiful, classy ladies for their new single "Chao Chao"

    RELEASE DATE: September 11th, 2019 Promotional Photo: CD+DVD Ver. [CD] 1. Chao Chao 2. Ain’t No Limit 3. Chao Chao (Instrumental) 4. Ain’t No Limit (Instrumental) [DVD] Chao Chao (Music Video) CD-Only Ver. [CD] 1. Chao Chao 2. Ain’t No Limit 3. Chao Chao (Instrumental) 4. Ain’t No...
  16. Yuki

    PV Emiko Suzuki - FLY MY WAY

  17. Yuki

    PV I Don't Like Mondays. / DIAMOND

  18. Yuki