1. Lurkette

     [FINISHED] Shōwa Scavenger Hunt (6 PM EDT 2020.05.06)

    The other night, I had a dream that I hosted a game that I made up and everything went terribly wrong. This is that game. I really hope it doesn't go terribly wrong. graphics by llamabean The Shōwa Era of Japan was the time of rule of the Shōwa Emperor Hirohito, who was in power from 1929...
  2. Yuki

    PV Akaiko-en「yumeutsutsu」

  3. Aquamaraqua

    Who's this idol? [will give 50k coins to whoever finds her]

    I think she's a cpop idol but I'm not sure
  4. JessicaRabbit123

    AUDIO-J [HOT!] Blue Forest makes all El Float & I.D. and Fly LooM singles free for download I'm unfamiliar with both groups, but this is a rare chance to get introduced to a new group with open access.
  5. Yuki

    PV RIRI - Episode 0

  6. Yuki

    PV SIRUP - Your Love

  7. Yuki

    PV Vaundy - life hack

  8. JessicaRabbit123

    Idol Photographer assaults an idol for the THIRD time
  9. JessicaRabbit123

    So is Kanna Hashimoto going to be the star of every manga to live action now?

    Yes, she's pretty. And okay, she is a decent actor. But No, she is NOT fit for every role she's been given and her "1 in a 1,000 years" image should be turned to "1 every other year" casting wise with these adaptions.
  10. JessicaRabbit123

    Fan sexually assaults Idol "A" after seeing her location through the reflections of her eyes.

    According to the Japanese News Source. The girl in question is an underground idol. The defendant was in a financial deficit due to continuing to participate in the appearance event of the victim who was performing idol activities and was desperate.
  11. meltrosz

    AUDIO-K TWICE - "Swing"

    "Sewing, sewing, sewing"!!!
  12. meltrosz

    TEASER-K Twice - Swing (Audio Teaser)

    from their twice japan instagram story
  13. meltrosz

    MV-K ATEEZ - Answer (Japanese Ver.)

  14. JessicaRabbit123

    The Most Bizzare Stage Routines

    Drop a clip or a pic of the strangest choreography you've seen a jpop idol/artist do. NMB48 literally tossing out a member like a rag doll for another to make an entry: Johnny's 6TONEs hands in your pants routine :ROFLMAO:
  15. JessicaRabbit123

    Official Fairies (フェアリーズ) Thread

    「フェアリーズ LIVE TOUR 2019 -ALL FOR YOU-」
  16. Egoísta

    Official Vocaloid Thread!

    This is a thread for updates on everything Vocaloid from games, concert figmas and racing events Internet Co Vocaloid profiles Camui Gakupo (神威がくぽ) Release date : July 31 VA: “GACKT” (Camui Gackt) Age : N/A (depicted as middle aged ~20) Height : 181-185 cm (unofficial) Weight : N/A...