1. AshithBangera

    MV-K J.Y. Park "When We Disco (Duet with Sunmi) MV

  2. P

    JYP's Globalization by Localization: Fate of foreign members in future groups

    Now that it seems NiziU is taking the Japanese market by storm/garned lots of interest in South Korea as well and rolled out another Globalization by Localization (GBL) group called Boy Story last year aimed at the Chinese market, do you think foreign members in JYPE groups will be a thing in...
  3. itzy

    APPRECIATION Nizi Project's Riku's glowup

    Riku in Season 1 Riku in Season 2 :wow: She resembles Sana now
  4. cheesymandu


    Jackson Wang's 100 WAYS under 88rising is out on 3/20
  5. cheesymandu

    PHOTOSHOOT Jackson Wang for ADIDAS adicolor

    :love: :love: :love:
  6. itzy

    Nizi Project contestant Hirai Momoka is so cute!!!

    She's so adorable and her name :giggle: I hope she interacts with Twice's Momo in the future!
  7. cheesymandu

    Jackson Wang - L’Oréal Men Expert's Global Spokesperson

    YAYYYYY!!!!! Congratulations!
  8. itzy

    All 26 Nizi Project contestants revealed

  9. itzy

    JYP trainees Rima and Miihi revealed to be participating on Nizi Project

    In the recent teaser video for JYP's Nizi Project, it was revealed that two JYP trainees Suzono Miihi and Yokoi Rima would be participating in the project. Miihi is a Japanese ONCE who was scouted at Twice's concert in 2018, Rima is the daughter of famous rapper Zeebra and her mother is also a...
  10. sexy cutie


  11. cheesymandu

    EVENT Wang Jia Er (Jackson Wang) as one of the MALE GOD of THE YEAR at Weibo Awards

    With Jing Boran during the Red Carpet Say hello to Nian Gao! with his pink gloves! LOL a "GOD" indeed
  12. itzy

    JYP Trainee Jia Yu has left the company

    JYP trainee Jiayu has left the company after 3 years. She joined in 2016 and is known for being a really talented dancer
  13. cheesymandu

    The IDOL you want to spend the first snow with

    GOT7's JINYOUNG!! WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO? COFFEE from your cutie barista to warm your heart. :love: :love: :love:
  14. itzy

    JYP trainee Haewon predebut video

    11-year-old Haewon covering AKMU's 200% at a music festival in Incheon. (credit to DC Inside) Haewon at the recent JYP trainee showcase. Netizens say she's a really good singer.
  15. AshithBangera

    MV-K J.Y. Park "FEVER (Feat. 수퍼비, BIBI)" M/V

  16. cheesymandu

    PHOTOSHOOT GOT7's MARK and BAMABAM with Thai Actress YAYA for VOGUE TH (Jan Issue)

  17. AshithBangera

    [Preview] JYP, Nayeon, Dahyun - Knowing Bros Preview

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