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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Ozono Rei for Bubka November 2020

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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Kobayashi Yui for Freecell vol.34

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    BREAKING NEWS Sato Shiori to graduate from Keyakizaka46

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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Risa for Weekly Shonen Magazine No.45

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    BREAKING NEWS Ishimori Nijika graduates from keyakizaka46

    edit: this dosen't come as a surprise to fans because news of her dating a popular male host for a year was revealed on 20/9 and she was rumored to gradute soon
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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Risa for BUBKA November 2020

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    CF Keyakizaka46 and Hinatazaka46 for Uni's on air CM + making

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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Moriya Akane,Morita Hikaru,Yamasaki Ten for ViVi November 2020

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    BREAKING NEWS Keyakizaka46 change their name to sakurazaka46

    They showed this cm after airing their popular variety program " keyakitte kakenai" Confirmed it in morning news paper that included a comment with the group's captain sugai yuuka they are scheduled for a morning show apperance likey for short interviews about the name change edit...
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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Risa for nonno November 2020

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    Any 46G stans out there ?

    Please come here and read post 3,813: https://hallyuplus.net/threads/the-official-nogizaka46-乃木坂46-keyakizaka46-欅坂46-hinatazaka46-日向坂46-thread.516/page-191#post-1106700 *Notice i said stans if you listen to their music from now and then you can ignore the post it wont matter to you it's not...
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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Onuma Akiho for blt graph vol.59

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    EVENT Sakamichi Series Ladies Slaying The TGC A/W 2020 Runway

    Part 1 Names in order : Sasaki Kumi ( Hinatazaka46) Kato Shiho ( Hinatazaka46) Takamoto Ayaka ( Hinatazaka46) Endo Sakura ( Nogizaka46) Yamashita Mizuki ( Nogizaka46) Umezawa Minami ( Nogizaka46)
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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46 for Flash

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    Keyakizaka46 Announce More Details Regarding Their Upcoming Best Album

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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Moriya Rena for blt graph vol 58

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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Koike Minami for blt graph vol 58

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    Keyakizaka46 to release a best album on 10/7

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    Keyakizaka46 Teases an announcment

    Fans have figured out the gif in the tweet is the same gif used to tease their 1st single but they reversed the order this time I'm nervous 😭😭😭
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    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Sugai Yuuka for BLT October 2020

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