1. 𝕋☹𝔸𝕊𝕋

    Idol of the Month: October Ѽ

    This month's idol of the month has been selected!!! :shablob: Congratulations to @BlueNose WATANABE RIKA (1995) PROFILE Watanabe Rika, member of Sakurazaka46 (originally Keyakizaka46), debuted in 2016 with "Silent Majority" and recent re-debuted with the single "Nobody's Fault" Feel...
  2. Riri

    AUDIO-J Keyakizaka46 - Darega Sonokanewo Narasunoka?

    This is their last single under the name of Keyakizaka46 and they don't even get a MV for this ;;;;
  3. Riri

    CF Keyakizaka46 for AEON Card

    This set of CFs also contain snippets from a song that could've been on the 9th single.
  4. Riri

    APPRECIATION Happy 4th Anniversary to Keyakizaka46!

    Debuting on 6th of April 2015 with a revolutionary image and sound, Keyakizaka46 has quickly rose to fame thanks to their amazing performances and the messages they endorsed in their title songs. From "Silent Majority", a song aimed to that part of the population that just bend their heads to...
  5. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Hikaru Morita for OVERTURE VOL. 22

  6. The Jany

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46 new 2nd generation members for UTB vol 289

    Credit: weibo
  7. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Sugai Yuuka for BLT Graph.vol 53

  8. Lurkette

    LYRICS [Keyakizaka46] エキセントリック (Eccentric)

    欅坂46 - エキセントリック / Keyakizaka46 - Eccentric Lyrics: 秋元康 (Akimoto Yasushi) Composition: ナスカ (NAZCA) Arrangement: the Third Requested by @Polaris_Tae Translated by Lurkette @ Original Lyrics/Romanization あいつがああだって言ってた こいつがこうだろうって言ってた 差出人のない噂の類い 確証ないほど拡散する Aitsu ga aa da tte...
  9. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika for RAY Magazine

  10. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Harada Aoi for ENTAME

  11. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Fujiyoshi Karin and Yamasaki Ten for BUBKA 2020

  12. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Tamura Hono for B.L.T

  13. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46 for Weekly Shonen Magazine no 7

  14. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46 Kobayashi Yui for "Graduation 2017" magazine

  15. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika for LARME web magazine

  16. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika for RAY web magazine

  17. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46 Sato Shiori for EX-TAISHU January 2020 Issue

  18. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46 Uemura Rina, Seki Yumiko and Inoue Rina for bis web magazine

    They're all so stunning :(((
  19. Riri

    PHOTOSHOOT Keyakizaka46 Uemura Rina and Harada Aoi for bis web magazine

    Don't ask me but bis web really uploads these pics in low quality on their website, i didn't get them from another source lmaooo anyway Aoi and Rina slay, get more jobs in 2020 cause you're stunning
  20. Riri

    Japanese version of Dispatch releases their version of new year's couple

    It is indeed Keyakizaka46 Watanabe Risa and ex Keyakizaka46 member Shida Manaka hanging out. Bunshun, local "news" outlet known for posting baseless rumors and outing many couples, has tweeted about those 2 with no apparent reason. Just a month ago Bunshun had spread malicious rumors about...
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