1. jana22sal

    SM will be part of a event that may put out more news about aespa

  2. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    When can Kpop return back to normal?

    Like having limited audience on concerts and music shows withs strict rules. Can we pray the curve will flaten out very much for Korea and the world by the end of this year?
  3. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    The future of Z-POP Dream Project

    When Z-girls and Boys were revealed last year, there was a lot of attention and buzz surrounding these rookies. Many people thought the first time many asian nationalities outside of East Asia and Thailand, were given the chance to debut as a Kpop idols. They debuted with english songs, and...
  4. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Z-POP will debut two new groups this year

    Apparantly two new Zboys and Zgirls groups are coming. Confirmed members Indonesia Vietnam Philippines Thailand Confirmed winners of India's audition, but not officially announced yet Taiwan and Japan winners from their auditions will be concluded next week Source: Zpop Dream...
  5. fullofjoy

    SALES TWICE has officially passed 8 million total album sales in Korea and Japan. Being the 1st & the GG to do so!

    I'm surprised they surpassed the 8 million mark so quick. It was literally 2 months a go they surpassed 7 million!
  6. Polaris_Tae

    So, what's up with the Hallyu Ban...

    Is it effectively over or am I just kidding myself here hmm.... does this mean I can expect Unexpected Love to finally release, though maybe It's too good to be true - I want me some more Wang Yibo! :wae:
  7. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    TS Entertainment accused of extorting money from Wooyeop since he was 17

    TS Entertainment is being accused of money extortion. Employee 'A' took 1,200,000 KRW (approximately 1016 USD) from Wooyeop over the past two years, and have not paid him back. An anonymous 'B' told Sports World that 'A' took money from Wooyeop since he was 17. He was the only TRCNG member...
  8. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Z-Girls japanese member Mahiro returns to the group after 5 months hiatus

    Z-Boys and Z-Girls begins their promotion in Thailand. Z-Boys, Z-Girls is departing on November 17th at Incheon airport for their Thailand promotion schedule. They will make an appearance at hot variety program ‘HaChao Mao Yai’, famous program ‘‘Khaosod News’ Live on Facebook, ‘PPTV Pop News’...
  9. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    About WayV promoting in Korea

    WayV sings in chinese and can promote on two korean music shows, while Zboys and Zgirls live in Korea and train there, but not allowed to promote. Nothing against WayV, Moonwalk is a BOP. But isn't this very unfair? Edit: The reason that has been given to Zboys and Zgirls on why they are...
  10. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    If Z-Girls ''Streets of Gold'' were in korean

    It will probably sound like this! I like this mashup :)
  11. PRIPEA

    The Danity Tour: 4 Must-Visit Places in Seoul for Kang Daniel Fans

    Visit Seoul, Seoul City's official tourism website, introduces 'DANITY TOUR' for DANITY who want to feel closer to Kang Daniel. On October 4th, a guide entitled, “Closer to Kang Daniel with the “DANITY” tour”, was posted on the official website of Visit Seoul. In this tour, there are four...
  12. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    I think knetz like these two Produce 101 Japan trainees

    I see a lot of hangul comments on their videos. If Takumi were a Kpop idol, he would have been a top visual! :love: Miyajima Yugo is basicially the japanese version PX Hyeong Jun :teehee:
  13. Soyundorito_

    YouTube views

    So with the new YouTube rules, I think it will be interesting to see the changes (tho views don’t really mean much imo, maybe if it were per person) So with this I don’t think it’ll really affect groups at all, just maybe some fans will get mad over their faves not doing the same numbers as...
  14. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    I think Z-POP is soon nearing it's end.

    Their first comeback has met some setbacks and there are signs that shows they might not be around for long. I've unstanned Z-Girls a while, but I do ocassionally check them to see what's going on in the Z-POP world. First the views for their two songs, Streets of Gold and Holla Holla. Both...
  15. GalaxzZBoys

    Zenith Media Contents shows diversity can win over Kpop aestethics

    ZMC has tried for years before with Kpop looks and they failed utterly! While Z-Stars condemned by many as not good looking are now their most popular groups. Achievements: -297k subscribers - Z-Girls video views: Streets of Gold 3 million , What you waiting for 5.9 million - Z-Boys video...
  16. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Ji Chang Wook massive popularity in Vietnam caused a huge overcrowding issue, event ultimately cancelled

    Fullblown chaos Ji Chang Wook took to his personal IG stories to explain that the event was cancelled due to safety concern.
  17. Regina

    Have you tried learning Korean? Why or why not.

    So I've decided to buckle down & learn Korean. I'm late to the game as I've been listening to K-pop now since like 2007, but I guess it's never too late to learn a language. It's not something that anyone needs to do, because K-pop is so international these days that everything is subbed, but...
  18. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    [Kstationtv.com]RBW planning to conquer the Vietnamese market

    RBW Entertainment : The agency will produce its own Vietnamese groups RBW, well-known as the agency of famous idol groups such as MAMAMOO and ONEUS, will make full-scale inroads into the Vietnamese market along with Naver and Kakao. They are planning to work together to smoothly launch...
  19. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    [Korea JoongAng Daily 코리아중앙데일리]Z-Girls and Z-Boys non-Korean K-pop groups to rewrite K-pop definition

    For Z-Girls and Z-Boys, a world of opportunities Training in Korea was hard at first, but groups say that preparation was worth it Meet Z-Girls and Z-Boys, two groups made up entirely of non-Koreans performing in the style of K-pop. Although their songs are in English, the two groups’...
  20. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Z-Boys & Z-Girls Confirm To Be in ‘Songdo Beer Festival’ Line-up; on Stage with JTP and Cherry Filter

    2019 Songdo Beer Festival’, where you can enjoy various beers and pop music from all over the world as well as the fireworks in one place, will take place from the 23rd to the 31st at Songdo Penta Park, Incheon. Having been free of charge, the festival greeted its 9th anniversary with annual...
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