1. BlueNose

    CONCEPT LOVELYZ RYU SU JEONG - 1st Mini Album [Tiger Eyes] Promotion Schedule

  2. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    [VOTE] Who's more shameless with their aegyo? Hyojung, Sunny or Kei?

    A "normal" idol would self destruct with cringe after doing aegyo. But not these 3. After doing their aegyo they would stand proudly and watch their victim fall to their knees cos of the cuteness. But which of the 3 are more shameless? Is it Sunny? Also known as the OG of aegyo. Known for her...
  3. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    APPRECIATION This is Kei

    This is Kei This is Kei sleeping This is Kei thinking Her aegyo is ohKei Say bye to Kei @kimsguardian Kei wants you to stream
  4. denizen mars

    Sera, singer-songwriter and former leader of 9muses, reacts to Queendom performances

    She's been doing kpop reactions for a few weeks now and I think it's really sweet to see her get excited over current kpop groups + she's an awesome person herself
  5. hyebaragi

    A few questions for Lovelyz fans ♥

    ♥ How did you get into Lovelyz? ♥ Who's your bias? ♥ Favourite title track & b-side? ♥ Favourite voice? ♥ What are your hopes & expectations for their next comeback?
  6. _universo

    3rd gen girl groups covering 2nd gen ggs?

    CLC -> 4minute Fromis_9 -> f(x) G(I)-dle ->. 2NE1 Lovelyz -> BEG
  7. SLY

    PERF-K No one does Sunmi covers better than this female idol

    Both have powerful dancing skills, beautiful vocals, a banging body, and out of this world beauty Queen dancing to a Queen it is

    INSTAGRAM Bom and some of the ladies of Queendom showing MNet what's real without "evil editing"

    Queens being queens. Hwasa, Hyejeong, Bom, Minnie, Hyojung and Kei.
  9. ghostface

    Who do you think will win Queendom at the end?

    So episode 1 and 2 are subbed already (if anyone is interested) It's a competition between 6 girl groups: AOA, OH MY GIRL, Mamamoo, Bom (soloist), lovelyz and (g)i-dle Right on the first mission spoiler --> so who do you hope will win? and Who do you think will win? There also might be...
  10. boo

    ♔ Mnet's QUEENDOM Official Thread ♔ [Ep9 Subbed + OP updated!]

    👑 MC: Lee Da Hee & Jang Sung Kyu 👑 RANKING (FROM 1 TO 6) WILL BE BASED ON FOLLOWING 3 CATEGORIES: 1. scores from competition rounds (total of 3 rounds) = 35,000 points 2. scores from comeback album (based on sales) = 15,000 points 3. live comeback performance scores (October 31st) = 50,000...
  11. SLY

    The visuals of Woollim Entertainment

    INFINITE - L Lovelyz - Yoo Jiae Golden Child - Choi Bomin Currently promoting under Swing Entertainment, but is the one in charge of visual of his group (source) is Cha Junho (X1) Other non-official "visual" members who are also known for their good looks INFINITE - Sungyeol...
  12. Zero

    INSTAGRAM Lovelyz' Jin succesfully sliding into Taeyeons DMs

    She's been looking up to Taeyeon for years and often covers her songs, we love a successful stan and a supportive sunbae And Taeyeon loves her babies ❤
  13. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Is this Juri or Kei???

  14. SLY

    Woollim Ent. groups’ debut songs!

    INFINITE - Come Back Again (2010) Lovelyz - Candy Jelly Love (2014) Golden Child - Damdadi (2017) Rocket Punch - Bim Bam Bum (2019) Literally no concept overlaps! We stan groups who debuted with QUALITY songs.
  15. Y

    Lovelyz, AOA, (G)I-DLE's TOP 5 STAGES @ Queendom (Teaser)

  16. kimsguardian

    CONCEPT Lovelyz Concert "ALWAYZ 2" Special Photo Group

    so beautiful my angels~ :love:
  17. kimsguardian

    CONCEPT Lovelyz Concert "Alwayz 2" Special Photo (Yein ver.)

    gorgeous maknae~ :love:
  18. whisky23

    [KNetizen/TheQoo] Posters of girl groups for Mnet’s ‘Queendom’ survival show

    Posters of girl groups for Mnet’s ‘Queendom’ survival show AOA (G)I-DLE Lovelyz Mamamo Oh My Girl Park Bom original post: theqoo 1. I’m surprised that AOA and Mamamoo are here, it’s crazy 2. Mnet damn… 3. What is this show for? 4. When I first heard about this show, I thought that...
  19. kimsguardian

    CONCEPT Lovelyz Concert "Alwayz 2" Special Photo (Jisoo ver.)

    she's getting hotter everyday~ :love:
  20. kimsguardian

    CONCEPT Lovelyz Concert "Alwayz 2" Special Photo (Babysoul ver.)

    smol cutie leader~ :hehe:
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