1. Katniss

    Are you a company stan?

    I think I'm a RBW stan. Mamamoo is my ult gg. And ONEUS and ONEWE are nice too. I'll probably get into Purple Kiss as well. Even though I love BTS, I'm not a BH stan (This thread is not meant too seriously, but for fun, so no need saying being a company stan is stupid etc).
  2. Flooffy Lights


    [theqoo] STYLING THAT I SEE OFTEN ON IDOLS NOWADAYS.. 1. EXO Baekhyun 2. LOONA Heejin 3. Everglow Yiren 4. Stray Kids Bang Chan 5. Mamamoo Moonbyul 6. Dreamcatcher Sua Is the face chain Last year, Baekhyun wore a face chain in Obsession and it...
  3. ARandomFan


  4. Danee

    Appreciation post for my favourite summer songs

    Listen to these songs a lot lately

    Mamamoo Hwasa will reportedly make her solo comeback in late June

    June is beginning to look like the comeback month for almost everyone. Update confirmed:
  6. BlueNose

    TEASER-K MAMAMOO Wheein - 내 눈물 모아 (Gather My Tears) (Hospital Playlist OST MV Teaser)

  7. BlueNose

    INSTAGRAM Mamamoo's Wheein opens personal Instagram account
  8. BlueNose

    Mamamoo's "HIP" MV has surpassed 100M views on Youtube

  9. SageWren

    Idol Songs with the most Gaon Digital Points for 2020

    1. Red Velvet' Psycho: +322M 2. Mamamoo's Hip: +233 3. BTS's Boy With Love: +189M 4. BTS's Black Swan: +182M 5. BTS's On: +185M 6. IZ*ONE's Fiesta +117M 7. Bts's Spring Day +111M 8. Twice's Feel Special +89M 9. Exo's Obsession +84M 10. BTS's 00:00 +81M 11. BTS's Idol +79M 12. BTS's Mikrokosmos...
  10. BlueNose

    INSTAGRAM Mamamoo's Hwasa opens an Instagram account

    It's one of the three accounts the official mamamoo instagram follows, so it's hers :peepopbirthday:

    PERF-K Moonbyul - Eclipse [Music Core 200215]

  12. SageWren

    Moonbyul's First Day Sales within the Top 5 for Female Artists

    Moonbyul's first solo album, Dark side of the Moon, has been reported to sell over 59,000 copies on Hanteo!! Mamamoo's highest first day sales as a group is 51k! This puts Moonbyul within the Top 5 First Day Sales for Female Artists on Hanteo! To compare first day sales on Hanteo.... 4) Twice...
  13. Qoptyi

    Kpop fans in Argentina make their own concerts!

    What is this!??? Kpop fans are the best! :D
  14. givemeramyun

    Best selling girl group albums of 2019!

    Hi guys! Last time I made a video of the best selling girl group songs of 2019. I got a lot of requests after asking me to make one for girl group albums, so here you go! I'm currently taking requests from subscribers, so if there's something you'd like to see made, subscribe and comment down...
  15. fullofjoy

    SALES Best selling kpop group digital this year!

    Congrats to everyone!
  16. Ronnie Mars

    Favourite K-Pop Songs about Mother?

    I have several favourites. This one came from my first ever K-pop bias group: There's a heart-warming story related to this song. Years ago, I was a Tiffany hater. Looking back, I couldn't really explain why I hated her. Perhaps it was just some silly reasons that Tiffany started getting to...
  17. Ronnie Mars

    Dream Unit of your bias groups?

    And by saying Dream Unit, I meant subunit that you're hoping from your bias groups. For Mamamoo, they officially have two units (Rapper Line and Angel Line) right now, but I'm expecting a LeMak unit (Solar and Hwasa) basically since I want to hear more of their vocals combined together...
  18. carol danvers

    TEASER-K MAMAMOO 'reality in BLACK' Teaser

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