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  1. ghostface

    Is it too late to join lannisters?

    I want what they have isn't the peepo lannister object beautiful? life is mean, i can only dream of him
  2. ghostface

    comment and i'll tell you how i'd carry you

  3. ghostface

    Grand Peepo Treasure Giveaway // 1,500,000 PC // Join Peepo nation

    everyone is invited
  4. ghostface

    Who is Caramella girls' center?

    Mindy Nadine or Vera? IMO Vera is the Beyoncé of caramella girls look how she ate that
  5. ghostface

    Bobo Q&A

    i always thought those "ask me anything" threads were dumb cause who has questions for random internet strangers from a kpop forum??? but here i am cause SuMn said i'm like a closed book i'll answer almost anything
  6. ghostface

    does my dp look ok?

    i made it myself :wow:
  7. ghostface

    in around 2 months it's going to be 3 years since T-ara's iconic win

    But what made this win so iconic? T-ara was one of the biggest girl groups between 2009 and 2012 every single between TTL and day by day were huge hits in Korea Roly poly being the highest selling song in 2011 what happened? the ceo of MBK was greedy he wanted get a girl group similar to SNSD...
  8. ghostface

    [On hold] The Official Girl's day Badge Voting Thread // Group badges suggestion period open ~

    Welcome to F(x)'s Official badge voting thread! in this thread we are going to choose badges for the group and members so they can be added to H+ system. Any inquiries about the system or how this work, please ask me or go to the Ask the Awards team Thread:Slime: No fantaken images. Use HQ...
  9. ghostface

    Interest check Girl's Day Awards

    Would anyone be interested in Girl's day Badges? i'm keeping all the badges, so i would just need one more user for each member and group badge
  10. ghostface

    I made too many rice cakes

    so i decided to share with H+ today who wants rice cakes? i'll feed you for free
  11. ghostface

    Post here and i'll give you songs with the letters of your UN

    i'm bored
  12. ghostface

    there is only one person who can rhyme ariana grande with wae geureondae

    And that's miss Nakyung! That's on periodt me thinks
  13. ghostface

    [FINISHED] Music Amnesiac // March 17th, 2pm est

    Do you consider yourself a music connoisseur? Peepo is having trouble in remembering his favorite songs but he somehow remembers some words from them. Will you help him revive his playlist with bops? How to play: There will be 10 rounds, each one lasts 5 minutes. Each round the gm will post 3...
  14. ghostface

    Have you ever stanned an idol because you wanted to be liked by sumn that stans that idol?

    I started liking vixx for dr nugu but tbf i asked her to show them to me other than that i haven't?? I have some idols in my like/not hate list for people i'm friends with but that's not stanning
  15. ghostface

    Who can rap better than me?

    girl lemme go in real quick geulae jeo wanggwaneul naenwa maja geu QUEEN i naya deungjange gijug ji mala ajig
  16. ghostface

    tell me your fandoms and i'll say something

    @sm maid you first
  17. ghostface

    Hufflepuff is the best hogwarts house

    Their traits are the most important ones in life who needs a corageous/ambitious/smart person when you can have a loyal, fair, hard working and true one? change my mind
  18. ghostface

    MV Doja Cat - Say so

  19. ghostface

    i unironically love this song

    i think she's a server, she likes to serve
  20. ghostface

    Join my Cyber Sex perfomance ft thequeenofbktidalwave

    I wanna touch on you You see me in my room Wish you were here right now All of the things I'd do I wanna get freaky on camera I love when we get freaky on camera We freak on the cam Love at first sight, just a link to the 'Gram *****all pink with a tan And I play with it 'til my middle fingers...
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