1. sexy cutie

    CF TWICE Mina, Dahyun, Jeongyeon - Estee Lauder KR CF

  2. fullofjoy


    Im Nayeon Yoo Jeongyeon Hiari Momo Minatozaki Sana Park Jihyo Myoui Mina Kim Dahyun Son Chaeyoung Chou Tzuyu
  3. doki-doki

    Former AOA member Mina posted a worrying message on instagram

    She was very close with Sulli, fans are very worried about her & I think she may be having a bit of a hard time. Please everyone, leave her positive messages on her instagram.
  4. Mina


    I dedicate my 3000th post on this forum to an iconique girlie Mina in ''Cheer Up era''!!! And don't forget her doing the just as iconic ''shy shy shy'' Thank you for coming to my thread!!!!
  5. AshithBangera

    Mina is performing at Twicelights Japan today ❤️

  6. BlueNose

    CONCEPT Twice - Twicelights in Japan teaser photo + announcement

  7. anh

    MINA + DAHYUN 129 Seconds

  8. AshithBangera

    APPRECIATION TWICE TV "Feel Special" EP.06 " MINA ❤️"

    Today was a good day :sejeongcry:
  9. fullofjoy

    TWICE gives us a small updates on Mina's condition.

    😭😭😭 Get the rest you deserve Mina!
  10. fullofjoy

    APPRECIATION Penguin? Penguin!

    Credit. Our Penguin has grace your present, bow down b*tch! :sip: :sejeongcry: We are with you for forever Penguin! #WeLoveYouMina #GetWellSoon
  11. AshithBangera

    TEASER-K TWICE(트와이스) "Feel Special" TEASER - MINA

  12. KrabbySana

    All TWICE Songs That Had Lyrics Written By The Members (Updated)

    Page Two (2010) Precious Love Lyrics were written by JYP and Chaeyoung. Chaeyoung was responsible for the rap part. Signal (2017) Eye Eye Eyes Lyrics were written by Jihyo and Chaeyoung. Twicetagram (2017) Missing You Dahyun and Chaeyoung have written the lyrics for...

    To clarify....we should expect a Mina teaser right?

  14. vitaminplus


    I'm a fan of male idols, but this really shook me "You meet your school days crush again when she grew up" post response: [+592][-43] original post: here 1. [+128, -5] This is the original gif 2. [+82, -2] Ah crazy, you can already make a movie from it 3. [+65, -37] Actress type 4...
  15. Chuuya

    Hyunjin wants to fight Mina's hair

    Look at his face :sejeongcry: Boy, you should never let your guard down:yoosmile: Anyway, support this cute MCs trio:shablob:
  16. AshithBangera

    BREAKING NEWS JYPE officially confirmed to Dispatch that Mina joined in MV filming

    JYPE officially confirmed to Dispatch that Mina joined in MV filming for TWICE’s comeback song. JYPE: “Mina finished filming her parts while relying on the members.” :sejeongcry:

    This old video popped up in my recommended

    It was cute before but now it feels kinda different. I hope, whatever happens down the line, that Mina is happy and healthy.
  18. vitaminplus

    One of the best Bridges in a song

    Mina has the most Angelic voice I've ever heard in my entire life:heartublob:
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