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    PERF-J Momoiro Clover Z - Holiday

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    PHOTOSHOOT Momoiro Clover Z for Young Jump (+12th birthday party)

    Cover Back cover, I think The cover for the digital photobook celebrating the group's 12th anniversary
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    The first results of Momoclo's live vote are out!

    As previously reported, Momoiro Clover Z's will release a live album with songs picked by their fans. Fans vote for the top 5 songs they want on the album, and the 12 most popular songs at the end of May will be added to the album. There are 183 tracks to pick from, from 5 different concerts...
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    Momoiro Clover Z to release digital live album with performances chosen by fans

    The album will be released on the 3rd of July, and short clips of the songs are available on the website.
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    Momoiro Clover Z celebrate 12th anniversary

    Today Momoiro Clover Z celebrated the 12th anniversary of their formation on May 17 2008. Celebrations were different this year due to the Corona virus as all their physical events and concerts have been cancelled. As they were unable to meet each other and their fans in person, they instead...
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    PERF-J Momoiro Clover Z performance @Kishidan Banpaku (will be taken down on the 6th)

    Setlist & time stamps: 1. Hoero (2:30) 2. Mahoro Vacation (7:00) 3. Koko☆Natsu (11:55) MC (16:05) 4. Anta Tobashi Sugi! (19:14) 5. Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo (23:24) This was the first ever performance of Anta Tobashi Sugi! a song whose MV also features Kishidan members. There's also a special...
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    Momoiro Clover Z announce daily free concert streams during Golden Week holiday

    Momoiro Clover Z revealed a special schedule for citizens who are staying home during Japan's Golden Week holiday (April 29:th to May 6:th). There'll be an official live stream at their Youtube channel at 9PM JST (12:00 UTC) each day, with different concert footage per day. The streaming...
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    Momoiro Clover Z streamed their christmas concert on Youtube!

    Momoiro Clover Z streamed the video from Momoiro Xmas 2018 on youtube for fans who were stuck at home due to Japan's coronavirus measures. The stream is now over but there are some videos on their official Youtube channel and the setlist is on Spotify.
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    PHOTOSHOOT Sasaki Ayaka in a white dress

    Here are the latest set of photos of Momoiro Clover Z's Aarin from her Hustle Press photoshoot! Source:
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    PHOTOSHOOT Momoclo's Tamai Shiori for Hustle Press April

    The full photoshoot can be found on Hustle Press:
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    APPRECIATION Negicco, Tacoyaki Rainbow and Momoclo's Tamai Shiori

    Today Tacoyaki Rainbow and Negicco guested on Shiokoji's Folk Village, a music show hosted by Sakazaki Konosuke and Momoiro Clover Z's Tamai Shiori. Tacoyaki Rainbow is a Kansai-based idol group from Stardust Planet which Negicco is Niigata-based, and perhaps Japan's oldest idol group with...
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    PHOTOSHOOT Momoiro Clover Z for Yukai Studio

    Kanako Shiori :doge: Aarin Reni Group photos These photos were taken in connection with Momoclo's christmas concert(s), Momokuri 2019.
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    INSTAGRAM Momoiro Clover Z with KISS

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    PHOTOSHOOT Cat and mouse... Tamai Shiori

    Momoiro Clover Z's Tamai Shiori for Momoclo's 2020 calendar Source:
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    PV Momoiro Clover Z release new versions of Santa-san and Coco☆Natsu

    Coco☆Natsu (The editor really went all out, huh) Santa-san Both songs are available on their latest single, stay gold.
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    The Official Takagi Reni (Reni-chan) thread

    Takagi Reni 高城 れに Nicknames: Reni-chan DOB: 21 June 1993 Height: 158 cm Group: Momoiro Clover Z Colour: Purple Epithet: "Hagane shoujo" (Metal Girl), "Kanden shoujo" (Electric Girl) Fandom name: takanofu Official blog: