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  1. abra

    PV Momoiro Clover Z & Sailor Guardians - Moon Color Chainon (from Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie)

    Click on CC for English subtitles. Moon Color Chainon/Tsukiiro Chainon is the OST for Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie, whose first part was just released in Japan.
  2. abra

    AUDIO-J Momoiro Clover Z & Sailor Guardians - Tsukiiro Chainon (Sailor Moon Eternal OST)

    The Momoclo version of the song can be found here The version with the Sailor guardians is in the eternal version of the release, which also has some old Sailor Moon songs
  3. abra

    PERF-J Momoiro Clover Z - MOON PRIDE

  4. abra

    TEASER-J Momoiro Clover Z - Tsukiiro Chainon single trailer (Sailor Moon Eternal soundtrack)

    The Tsukiiro Chainon single will be released on the 13th of January in conjunction with Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie part 1. The single will come in 2 versions: a Momoiro Clover Z version and an Eternal version. The Momoiro Clover Z version includes a solo version of Tsukiiro Chainon and other...
  5. abra

    PERF-J Momoiro Clover Z - Kasou Dystopia, Kibou No Mukou E & Lady May @ Natsu No Bakasawagi 2020

  6. abra

    PERF-J Momoiro Clover Z - Re:Story @ Natsu No Bakasawagi 2020

  7. Lurkette

    LYRICS [Momoiro Clover Z] 武陵桃源なかよし物語 (Buryoutougen Nakayoshi Monogatari)

    ももいろクローバーZ - 武陵桃源なかよし物語 / Momoiro Clover Z - Buryoutougen Nakayoshi Monogatari (The Tale of Utopian Friendship) Lyrics: 前山田健一 (Maeyamada Ken'ichi) Composition: 前山田健一 (Maeyamada Ken'ichi) Requested by @abra Translated by Lurkette @ Original Lyrics/Romanization もーーーーーーー...
  8. abra

    PERF-J Momoiro Clover Z - Buryo Togen Nakayoshi Monogatari @Natsu No Bakasawagi (Official live performance)

  9. abra

    PHOTOSHOOT Momoiro Clover Z for Hustle Press

    And here are some individual photoshoot shots Source:
  10. abra

    Momoiro Clover Z to sing theme for new Sailor Moon movies

    The details of the theme song for the two-part movie Sailor Moon Eternal were just revealed! The song will be called 月色 Chainon ("Moon Colour Chainon") and will be released on the 13th of January. The song will be sung by *clears throat* Momoiro Clover Z with Sailor Moon & Sailor Mercury &...
  11. abra

    PHOTOSHOOT Momoiro Clover Z' Sasaki Ayaka looks elegant for Hustle Press September '20

  12. abra

    PHOTOSHOOT Momoiro Clover Z in kimonos for Yukai Studio's Shosei Jinsai 2020

    Individual shots:
  13. Lurkette

    LYRICS [Momoiro Clover Z] ももクロの令和ニッポン万歳! (Momoclo no Reiwa Nippon Banzai!)

    ももいろクローバーZ - ももクロの令和ニッポン万歳! / Momoiro Clover Z - Momoclo no Reiwa Nippon Banzai! (Momoclo's Reiwa Japan Celebration) Lyrics: 前山田健一 (Maeyamada Ken'ichi) Composition: 前山田健一 (Maeyamada Ken'ichi) Arrangement: 徳田光希 (Tokuda Mitsuki) Requested by @abra Translated by Lurkette @
  14. abra

    It was very hard but I've finally picked my favourite performance!

    "Momoclo no Nippon Banzai" is a song about visiting prefectures all over Japan. It was originally released after the great earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Tohoku region which was emotionally performed during concerts. Fast-forward several years and a new version was made based on the...
  15. abra

    APPRECIATION Momoiro Clover Z's Aarin @ Natsu no Bakasawagi 2020

    Photos from:
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    APPRECIATION Momoiro Clover Z's Shiori @ Natsu no Bakasawagi 2020

  17. abra

    APPRECIATION Momoiro Clover Z's Reni @ Natsu no Bakasawagi 2020

  18. abra

    APPRECIATION Momoiro Clover Z's Kanako @ Natsu no Bakasawagi 2020

  19. abra

    APPRECIATION Momoiro Clover Z's latest concert was wild (ft. attacks by zombies, dancing lions and gagged wrestlers)

    Momoiro Clover Z recently held their summer concert Natsu No Bakasawagi (Summer of stupidity) 2020. Due to the online format, they had a lot more freedom and took advantage of it. As you might expect from the concert title, the concert was filled with stupidity and foolishness! The concert...
  20. abra

    APPRECIATION Happy 26th birthday to Momoclo's Momota Kanako!