1. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    [ALLKPOP] Daisy's picture removed from Momoland's homepage

    Daisy's picture has been removed from Momoland's homepage. On May 13th, MLD Entertainment's artist page for Momoland noticeably did not have Daisy's picture. Regarding this issue, MLD Entertainment stated: "Daisy is still under MLD Entertainment, and we recently changed the website to show...
  2. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Yeonwoo said she wanted to stay with Momoland

    MLD has lost all credibility
  3. yerm

    Former MOMOLAND Member Yeonwoo Opens Official Fan Cafe

    Former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo has opened up her own fan cafe! Yeonwoo took to Instagram on December 9 to announce the opening of her new, official fan cafe page on Daum. The news comes after her official departure from MOMOLAND at the end of November, stating that it would be too hard on her...
  4. Vivi

    LYRICS [MOMOLAND] 모모랜드 - Holiday

    모모랜드 (MOMOLAND) - Holiday Lyrics: BEVERLY KIDZ, 윤석 (Yoon Seok) Composition: BEVERLY KIDZ, 윤석 (Yoon Seok) Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Vivi @ 지루해 모든게 왜이래 심심하고 너무 뻔해 오 나나나 오 나나나 답답한 이 도시는 내게 어울리지 않아 오 나나나 오 나나나나 jiruhae modeunge waeirae simsimhago neomu bbeonhae o...
  5. jindori

    MOMOLAND's Ahin has opened an official Instagram account

    Announced by the company's official Instagram: Her first post:
  6. Astro

    MLD Posted A 7 Member Photo Of Momoland For Their 3 Year Anniversary...

    Are daisy and taeha not returning?
  7. Vivi

    LYRICS [MOMOLAND] 모모랜드 - 빛나 (Light Up)

    모모랜드 (MOMOLAND) - 빛나 (Light Up) Lyrics: 핑크문 (PINKMOON) Composition: 핑크문 (PINKMOON) Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Vivi @ Who else could do it better Uha uha nobody but me 빛나 저 태양처럼 just do it like this Only one 내가 되고 싶어 nobody but me bitna jeo taeyangcheoreom just...
  8. danosh

    question about Momoland

    hey! I was just wondering if everything is okay with Momoland? I know that as for now 3 or 4 members are on hiatus since like forever... are they coming back or what is happening with them? And are there any news about comeback?
  9. emanresu

    Yeonwoo Is A Mythical Creature

    Yeonwoo Is A Mythical Creature Korean folklore speaks of a great beautiful legendary creature called a Yeonwoo. They say she appears like an angel to weary fanboy travelers out of the mist. They say she can kill with just an aegyo stare. They say she's more beautiful than all the beauties in...
  10. Oodles

    SENSITIVE CONTENT Incident at Momoland's fan sign in Mexico

    This is disgusting. But thank god he's been caught. Hopefully Momoland are okay.