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    PERF-K Monsta X's Minhyuk on King of Masked Singer

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    PERF-K [BE ORIGINAL] MONSTA X 'Love Killa' (4K)

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    PERF-K [MONSTA X - BEASTMODE & LOVE KILLA] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 20201105 EP.689

    Beastmode: Love Killa:
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    Happy Birthday to Monsta X's Minhyuk

    Happy Birthday to Minhyuk!~
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    MV-K Monsta X - Love Killa MV

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    TEASER-K Monsta X 3rd Album [FATAL LOVE] Preview

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    Monsta X to guest on Nikelodeon's 'All That'

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    Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

    Shownu and Jooheon's headphone game has become the most viewed clip on Knowing Bros' insta account. It currently has 1.6 million views~ Shownu is always cute when they play the headphone game lol
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    It's already been a year since this collab

    I know it was for Pepsi, but this collab between Hyungwon and Hongbin deserved more hype~
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    Monsta X's Shownu undergoes emergency eye surgery

    Summary: Shownu went for pre-examination on 2nd July before having Lasik surgery and they discovered that he had a detached retina so he had surgery immediately. Starship said they will make Shownu's recovery top priority and that they'll notify of any changes to his schedules.
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    Happy birthday to this bop!~

    It's already been a whole year since Ongsimi was released~ I hope Minhyuk will release another mixtape at some point :HappyPar: Anyway, stan Monsta X~
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    PERF-K [The Show] Monsta X Fantasia 1st win!~

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    Minhyuk (Monsta X) opens instagram account!~

    He's the first member to open a personal account:
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    Get that recognition king!~

    It seems Jooheon is going to be on King of Masked Singer!~ It's about time more people appreciated his vocals. He may be the main rapper in Monsta X, but his vocals shouldn't be overlooked either!~ Anyway, stan Monsta X and stream Fantasia :hehe:
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