1. Belrockangel

    Once again....

    A movie left me with a bad feeling.... Maybe it sounds dumb or weird, but my mood went down after i watched this movie: We need to talk about Kevin. I had felt this way before with the movie Memento.. Both movies were recommended...but now i regret had watched them:tears: I guess, i'll look...
  2. peach

    Your favourite japanese animation movie?

    Apart from Studio Ghibli movies Mine is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  3. Winter Air

    It's Anthony Daniels' (C3PO from Star Wars) Birthday Today!

    He's turning 74 today!
  4. Winter Air

    Post a favorite movie of yours, but with your own criticism for it!

    Here's an example! My favorite movie is X My criticism for X is Y
  5. fullofjoy

    WandaVision (2020) trailer

  6. fullofjoy

    I know y'all are tried of me but....

    Gimme some movies to watch please. And yes, this us 6th time asking this šŸ„“ Any type! Thank you! :hearteu:
  7. Winter Air

    What are your top 3 favorite Marvel movies?

    Mine is 1 Iron Man 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3 The Avengers
  8. Vampire

    Have you seen the movie above you?

    Post whether or not you've seen the movie that's mentioned directly above you. Bridget Jones's Diary
  9. fullofjoy

    PLEASE, Suggest me some REALLY GOOD hollywood movies!

    I want some really great hollywood movies to watch. Faves are comedy, adventure, crime, horror, action & teen/college. JUST SOMETHING THAT WON'T BORE ME!
  10. carol danvers

    What are the most recent movies you've seen?

    Bend It Like Beckham: It was on my list for a long time and it didn't disappoint, I really liked it a lot.