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  1. MVSica

    Billboard: The 10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2020: Staff List

    Billboard: The 10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2020: Staff List By Billboard Staff 12/23/2020 Billboard Article To be certain, capturing the whole of Korean pop music for any given year is an impossible task when limited to ten choices. Even then, there’s something beautiful about our list of favorite...
  2. Panda

    MV-K NCT U - From Home (Rearranged Ver.)

  3. Panda


  4. Panda

    CONCEPT NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2

  5. Full Sun

    APPRECIATION Cherry Bomb aka the undisputed queen

    Cherry Bomb and this performance in particular are legendary Let me tell you why - believe it or not, Cherry Bop Bomb opened the doorways for NCT’s international recognition - the styling was ahead of its time. now everyone’s trying to dress like NCT - the song is just too catchy and...
  6. BlessMeAchoo

    I'm still bitter...

    I'm still bitter that NCT 127's Run Back 2 U didn't include the beginning part of the song that was in Bassbot (0:00-0:16) I think it sounds better than the beginning of Run Back 2 U :sejeongcry:
  7. Icy

    Nct 127 wins on Music Bank #punch2ndwin

  8. Icy

    Nct 127 punch first win MCountdown

    Flop thread sorry They won even without attending:shablob:
  9. BlessMeAchoo

    Which version do you prefer?

    Out of all of the remixes of NCT 127's Kick it, which one do you prefer? You can't say the original version :knifeduck:
  10. Icy

    NCT's Jaehyuns chest hair has offended some fans

    I cant translate but apparently they want jaehyun to shave it. :teehee: What do u think? Shave or not?
  11. yongstal


    I'm so proud
  12. sm maid

    CHARTS NCT 127's Punch debuts at #5 on Melon, the unit's highest yet

    *correction number #75 is Boom, not Punch Kick it debuted at 7, so this is their highest debut on Melon ever Other charts debuts:
  13. sm maid

    AUDIO-K NCT 127 Neo Zone: The Final Round Audio

    New tracks: Punch (title), Nonstop, Prelude and Make Your Day. Punch MV release in 6 hours (midnight KST)
  14. yongstal

    NCT's Jaehyun posts hand-written apology on ig

    Translation :
  15. Icy

    104k people around the world attended NCT 127s online concert "Beyond live"

    And hundreds of thousands more attended through twitch Also where are the Numbers for dream and wayv:stonemin:
  16. Icy

    PHOTOSHOOT NCT 127 Mark, haechan and jungwoo for Star1 June 2020

  17. Icy

    CONCEPT NCT 127 ' Make your day' Episode #1 teaser photos

    Visuals :heartpar: Stream the MV
  18. Icy

    PERF-K Nct Doyoung IU " give u my heart" cover

  19. anh

    INSTAGRAM NCT's Johnny and Jaehyun for W Korea

    ahahaha WHAT THE FUCK i don't wanna be a peachzen ANYMORE FUCK peachzen lives asjafadajfadjkfhkdslhfhksdhfhkhshfjk
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